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The German Cannabis Market Continues To Open For Imports

German Flag

The shifting laws of national sovereignties along with new global treaties and a rather old global one are allowing new winds of cannatrade to enter Germany. It’s not just Portugal, in other words, that is now on the map to import cannabis into Germany. Spain, Denmark, Malta, Greece, Australia, and South Africa are all birthing

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German Pharmacists Support Medical Cannabis, See Market Growth

The German cannabis patient community has grown by leaps and bounds since the program was approved a few years ago and the International Cannabis Business Conference is so pleased to have witness the growth firsthand, holding our first annual conference in Berlin just after medical legislation was approved. Despite a lot of bureaucratic red tape

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263 Million Cannabis Consumers and Taxation – A Delicate Balance


With 263 million estimated global cannabis consumers and a total addressable market of $344 billion (illicit and legal combined), cannabis is poised to make a material impact on the global economy. As the cannabis markets in Europe, Latin America, Asia and even Africa are beginning to take shape, one commonly overlooked regulatory detail is the

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European Medical Cannabis Sales Doubled from 2017 to 2018

Europe map

Unless you are living under a rock, you know that cannabis legalization, for both medical and adult use purposes, is moving forward nation-by-nation across Europe and around the world. European medicinal sales doubled last year, and we can expect growth to continue rather aggressively as progress begets progress. Germany has been the leader on medical

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German Cultivation Bids Reverberate Across the Global Cannabis Industry


The day after the third annual International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin, as the crew packed up and headed on to Zurich, news about the German cultivation bid surfaced in the domestic media. Namely, that three bid finalists (Aurora, Aphria and Demecan, a start-up founded with Wayland) had been selected. This is unofficial “news” as

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European Union Hemp Set to Increase THC Percentage


Cannabis and hemp are obviously intertwined in reality and politically. Cannabis and hemp are the same plant, but politically and regulatorily, hemp has been classified as basically low-THC cannabis, with allowable THC percentages varying depending upon jurisdictions. In Switzerland, where the International Cannabis Business Conference will be holding its next event in conjunction with the

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