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The International Cannabis Business Conference is the preeminent cannabis industry event series on earth. No other event series on the planet combines cannabis policy, industry, and networking opportunities like the ICBC. Our events have been attended by entrepreneurs and policymakers from over 60 nations! Join us at an upcoming event in San Francisco, Barcelona, Berlin, Bern, and Vancouver (BC).

An increasing number of states have legalized cannabis for adult use, with even more states exploring the idea of passing an adult-use legalization law either via citizen initiative or through the legislative process. One of those states is Pennsylvania, which has operated in an exploratory phase for a while now when it comes to cannabis
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Cannabis is medicine. That may seem like a simple statement, yet despite an ever-growing mountain of evidence to support the claim, cannabis is often not treated as actual medicine. Many states in the U.S. and countries around the world continue to view cannabis as possessing no medical value. Most professional sports leagues do not recognize
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Jamaica has a long history when it comes to cannabis. The cannabis plant is ingrained in the island nation’s culture, and thanks to cannabis reform efforts, it’s preparing to take its rightful place as an international cannabis industry leader. The Carribean country is working to finalize rules and regulations for cannabis exports, with its sights
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