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The German Cannabis Market Continues To Open For Imports

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The shifting laws of national sovereignties along with new global treaties and a rather old global one are allowing new winds of cannatrade to enter Germany.

It’s not just Portugal, in other words, that is now on the map to import cannabis into Germany. Spain, Denmark, Malta, Greece, Australia, and South Africa are all birthing producers who are clearly putting Germany in the middle of their bullseye, if not European plans.

What does this mean in general for the average producer?

You have to have your paperwork in order, be prepared to prove cert, and plan, as of now, to spend your conference days at the next International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin networking your tail off!

Who To Look For?

When planning your Berlin trip to the International Cannabis Business Conference, here are a few things to put on your packing list of to do’s.

Top of the list? A distributor with the right papers on the ground. There are currently 19 of them – with more coming into the market. Their good relationships with pharmacies are essential. And there are thousands of them. All of them are small businesses – owning no more than three or four brick and mortar outlets. All of them are looking for reliable, clean, tested, and certified products.

If that is you, with a plan for insuring a steady supply, you will be popular in every room you show up in.

You Do Not Need The Big Guys…But It Can Sometimes Help

The biggest names in the industry are now in the German market – with one of them already set up to cultivate certified product and two hot on their heels. On top of that larger firms have already established distribution relationships in the German market that allow them to say that they have market penetration in the bag.

However, that is not the whole story – as the indies are finding out. The right relationships with the right strategic partners make all the difference. The market needs certified product – and if that is you – your future is looking very bright in Germany (and beyond) that right now.

The doors may not be fully open, but they are opening more and more with every passing month. For the right entrepreneurial canna firms, there are lucrative opportunities to be had.