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Berlin 2020 • 1-3 April 2020 • Europe’s Biggest Cannabis Industry B2B • Over 2500 Participants From Over Seventy Countries

Germany is home to the largest economy in the European Union and is poised to serve as the cannabis industry capital of Europe going forward. The cannabis industry is evolving rapidly in Germany, with the country’s medical cannabis program increasing in size with every passing day. The opportunities that are popping up have tremendous profit potential.

The annual International Cannabis Business Conference that takes place in Berlin, Germany is the largest B2B cannabis industry event in Europe with attendees from over 70 countries. We are proud to be bringing our unique blend of policy, advocacy, industry, and networking back to Berlin this April 1-3, 2020.

A cannabis industry revolution is sweeping Europe, and Germany is at the center of it all. If you are serious about succeeding in the cannabis industry, join us at our flagship program in Berlin in April. Over 2,500 leading cannabis entrepreneurs and policymakers from around the globe will be in attendance. The networking and educational opportunities will be unparalleled.

ICBC Conference Packages available

There are several conference packages to choose from – check out the options. We look forward to seeing you in Berlin!

Introducing the International Cannabis Business Conference


Invest Capital, Seek Capital

The International Cannabis Business Conference Global Investment Forum was created to provide an exclusive gathering place of accredited investors and Europe’s leading cannabis companies looking for investment. We offer access to a the up-and-coming leaders in the Euro cannabis space, and an opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect with the capital they need for growth.

Join us in Berlin on April 1st 2020 for our flagship event at the Intercontinental Hotel


Jim Belushi

Jim Belushi

Actor, Entrepreneur

Jim Belushi is an American actor, voice actor, comedian, singer, musician, and cannabis entrepreneur. Belushi talks about life, acting, and reinventing his career as an international cannabis producer in an insightful and entertaining interview.


  • “I have only three words for this conference: Best Conference Ever!”

    Andrew Sullivan, The Dish

  • “Should we really be sending people to jail and turning them into criminals for using a substance that is far less dangerous and harmful than alcohol? The answer is no.”

    U.S. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard

  • “The International Cannabis Business Conference in San Francisco was an eye opening experience for me. I learned more in the one day than in 5 years of poking around this business of cannabis. Can’t wait to go to Oregon for my next lesson.”

    John Salley, NBA Champion

  • “I found this conference to be one of the most comprehensive; there were talks on cannabis, social justice, human rights and science.”

    Dr. Carl Hart, PhD

  • “The International Cannabis Business Conference was an extraordinarily energized and positive event. Those in attendance will be changing perception and acceptance of cannabis. This is the beginning of something great.”

    Henry Rollins

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