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Brazil Blocks Domestic Medical Cannabis Cultivation

brazil flag

South America is home to some of the best climates for cultivating agricultural crops, including cannabis. With cannabis laws being reformed throughout South America, the continent is poised to become a global leader in cannabis production. Brazil is South America’s largest country as measured by population size, and second place isn’t close. With a population

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New Zealand Government Unveils Cannabis Legalization Bill

new zealand flag

New Zealand voters will see a cannabis legalization measure on Election Day next year. The details of the measure have been highly anticipated, and New Zealand’s government unveiled some of those details today. So far only two countries have legalized cannabis for adult use. Those countries are of course Uruguay and Canada. A number of

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Trinidad And Tobago Government Introduces Cannabis Reform Bills

Trinidad and Tobago

Cannabis reform is sweeping across the globe. It wasn’t that long ago that cannabis was completely prohibited across the planet. Cannabis prohibition is still prevalent in many countries, however, some countries have either legalized cannabis for medical use and/or adult use. The latest nation to announce plans for cannabis reform is the southern-most island nation

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Cannabis Reform History Was Made This Week In Congress


Cannabis prohibition was approved by the United States Congress in 1937. Since that time, cannabis advocates have fought to reverse that legislation. Federal cannabis prohibition is still in place in the United States, however, the effort to legalize cannabis nationwide passed a huge milestone this week. For the first time in U.S. history, a congressional

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Exclusive Interview With Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is a champion for cannabis policy in Congress and has been since she was first elected in 2013. Gabbard received an endorsement from NORML while running for Congress, and for good reason. Unlike some of her competitors in the 2020 election, Congresswoman Gabbard has been on the right side of history when

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What Can Other Nations Learn From The Vape Crisis In The U.S.?

vape pen vaping cannabis

Vape hysteria has gripped the United States in recent months, with a growing number of illnesses, and even some deaths being reported across the country. Regulators recently announced that the likely culprit is vitamin E acetate, which is a common ingredient in some vape pen cartridges, especially unregulated vape pen cartridges. Vitamin E acetate is

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Cannabis Legalization Effort Delayed In Mexico

mexico flag

Last year the Supreme Court of Mexico ruled that cannabis prohibition is unconstitutional. In effect, it somewhat made Mexico the third country to legalize cannabis for adult use. The first country to do so was Uruguay, followed by Canada. Unlike Uruguay and Canada, Mexico has yet to pass legislation that codifies adult-use cannabis legalization into

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Paraguay Legalizes Industrial Hemp

Paraguay flag

The global industrial hemp market is currently estimated to be worth nearly five billion dollars (USD). By 2025, it is projected to be worth over $26 billion dollars (USD). For a number of years, the industrial hemp industry was significantly limited by prohibition policies all over the globe. Fortunately, things have changed in recent years.

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Trump Administration Approves Proposed USDA Hemp Rules

hemp plant field

The United States is undergoing a hemp revolution, largely driven by the explosion in CBD’s popularity. Industrial hemp is still popular, however, floral hemp has experienced exponential growth in popularity across the country in recent years. According to Vote Hemp, 511,442 acres of hemp were licensed for cultivation in 2019 in the United States, more

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Germany Is Exploring Cannabis Legalization Reform

Berlin Germany

Uruguay was the first country to legalize cannabis for adult-use, followed by Canada. A Supreme Court ruling in Mexico declared cannabis prohibition unconstitutional in that country, which makes Mexico essentially the third country to legalize cannabis for adult use. Many political observers have speculated that the European nation of Luxembourg will be the next to

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