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Canada’s Arthritis Society: Sell Medical Cannabis In Pharmacies

canada arthritis society

Cannabis is medicine. That may seem like a simple statement, yet despite an ever-growing mountain of evidence to support the claim, cannabis is often not treated as actual medicine. Many states in the U.S. and countries around the world continue to view cannabis as possessing no medical value. Most professional sports leagues do not recognize

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Brazilian Regulators To Vote On Medical Cannabis Proposals Tomorrow

brazil flag

Brazil is the largest nation in South America, as measured by population size, and the next closest country on the continent isn’t close. Brazil’s population of over 200 million people dwarfs the next closest country on the list, Colombia, which has a population of fewer than 50 million people. A new, compassionate, and exciting industry

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These are truly exciting times for all things cannabis. Cannabis policy reform is sweeping the globe, the cannabis industry is growing at an epic rate, and major cannabis culture news is occurring at an increasing pace. It can be very difficult to stay up-to-date on everything that is happening in the cannabis world with so

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Psychedelics For Healing: The Spirit Plant Medicine Conference FTR Dennis McKenna, Jamie Wheal, Wade Davis And More…

Spiritual Plant Medicine Conference

As an attendee and supporter of the International Cannabis Business Conference, our friends at the Conscious Living Network and Spirit Plant Medicine Conference wanted to share a special offer with you. As many of you know, we’re in a remarkable historical time period. The tide is turning and after decades of ignorance and repression of

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How Worried Should Cannabis Consumers Be About Vape Cartridges?

ICBC Barcelona Exhibitor Room

The United States has been in the middle of a cannabis vape pen hysteria of sorts for the last week or two. Mainstream media and cannabis opponents seem to be obsessed with the story, insinuating that full blame for the unfortunate deaths that have occurred should be placed completely on cannabis vape pen cartridges. Every

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The Cannabis Market In Europe – A Trade Game That Disadvantages Patients?


By Marguerite Arnold About a month before international cannabis company Tilray announced that it was shipping from Portugal to Germany, Sativex (manufactured by the British-based GW Pharma) was approved for use by the Portuguese government. This means that the actual cost of the drug, deemed too expensive by the NHS in the UK, will be

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Canadian Attorney Is Preparing A Court Challenge Against Incoming Rules For Cannabis Edibles, Extracts, And Topicals

Elite Health Care Ethnopharm

In June, Canadian cannabis industry regulators published their final rules regarding THC limits for cannabis edibles, extracts, and topicals. The rules, which are set to take effect in October, leave a lot to be desired. That is especially true for cannabis edibles, which have a limit of 10 mg of THC per package. To put

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An Estimated 1,000 Global Cannabis Industry Senior Decision Makers To Take Part In CannX Tel Aviv 2019 Conference


The International Cannabis Business Conference would like to encourage international cannabis entrepreneurs and cannabis enthusiasts to check out the upcoming International Medical Cannabis Conference (CannX). Below is more information about the event: The international medical cannabis conference focusing on business, technology and agriculture will take place for the fourth year in a row on September

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German Pharmacists Support Medical Cannabis, See Market Growth

The German cannabis patient community has grown by leaps and bounds since the program was approved a few years ago and the International Cannabis Business Conference is so pleased to have witness the growth firsthand, holding our first annual conference in Berlin just after medical legislation was approved. Despite a lot of bureaucratic red tape

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