Nextleaf Solutions, a leading cannabis extraction technology company, has announced today that it has added Dr. Sherry Boodram, former Senior Regulatory Compliance Officer with Health Canada, to its Board of Directors, effective immediately. Dr. Sherry Boodram worked for the Canadian federal government for several years and was responsible for licensing application reviews and on-site facility
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It is no secret that the British are in a bit of a constitutional pickle at the moment. How far the country will align itself with the US and outside of the EU is still in play, two weeks out from Halloween.  One of the stranger vibes in the air, especially after Boris Johnson hired
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For all of the hurdles that exist in the European market, there is one avenue that has, so far at least, remained remarkably unexplored. That is certainly the case on the financing end. Yes, European family offices are conservative, and “equity” (at least as it is thought of in the North American sense) remains less
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Germany’s medical cannabis industry is increasing in size with every passing quarter. The profit potential for the nation’s emerging medical cannabis industry is significant considering that Germany is home to the largest economy in Europe and has more than twice the population of California. For obvious reasons, Germany has been a very popular target for
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