1-3 APRIL 2020


  • 10:00 - 15:00

    Global Investment Forum

The International CBC Global Investment Forum is an exclusive network providing access to insider market info, capital investors, and exciting growth companies in the cannabis market. We host a series of investor summits to bring together accredited international investors with companies looking for capital, and we provide a forum for exchange in the key areas that the market needs most – real data and available capital.

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  • 7:00

    VIP Reception

VIP Reception will be held on 1 April at 7pm at the Intercontinental Hotel for All Inclusive Pass holders.


  • 9:00

    2020 Conference Overview

Alex Rogers, Executive Producer of the International Cannabis Business Conference, welcomes conference attendees and provides an overview of the conference schedule, including the panels and speakers that will be providing presentations and interviews.

  • 9:15

    Keynote TBA

  • 9:45

    Germany and Europe Medical Cannabis Regulations Update

The latest and most important information regarding cannabis regulations in Europe

Peter Homburg, a partner at Dentons Law Firm, will provide a thorough update regarding medical cannabis regulations and trends in Germany and Europe. Topics will include supply and demand in Germany and Europe, the German tender process regarding national cultivation of medical cannabis, cannabis exports/imports, price models, and potential harmonization of cannabis products within the EU.

  • 10:30

    State of Germany's Cannabis Markets

Cannabis for sale - the state of Europe's leading market

Juergan Neumeyer of Cannabiswirtschaft will provide forward-looking insight and analysis of the German cannabis market and potential opportunities for cannabis entrepreneurs. Topics of focus will include domestic production, purchasing trends, and CBD. Mr. Neumeyer will also discuss the current state of cannabis politics in Germany.

  • 11:00

    GMP - What Does This Really Mean?

Cannabis for sale - the state of Europe's leading market

The shifting global trade winds are bringing cannabis into Germany from all over the world. Panelists will provide insight into what trends and opportunities to look for and what mistakes to avoid in Germany's emerging cannabis industry. The experts on the panel will explain why matching cert and proving EU GMP involves more than just paperwork.

  • 11:45

    Seeing the Global Cannabis Industry in 2020 with 20/20 Vision

How to spot evolving trends and hot plays in a shifting regional market

Cannabis companies in the U.K., Germany, Denmark, Italy, Portugal, and the Netherlands are seeking to build a domestic supply for medicinal cannabis in the EU, while low-cost producers in Colombia and South Africa are also vying for the European market. With the downturn of the Canadian public markets in 2019, valuations have declined, and investors are rightfully cautious. Operators need to be more calculated and strategic to secure necessary capital and establish market share in this competitive landscape. Additionally, as the industry expands, opportunities continue to open up for ancillary service providers and product manufacturers to support the sector. In this session, Nic Easley, CEO of 3C Consulting and CEO & Managing Director of Multiverse Capital, will share with entrepreneurs and investors a bird's-eye view of the global industry and what you need to understand to see your cannabis venture clearly in 2020 and beyond with 20/20 vision.

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  • 13:45

    Mergers and Acquisitions

Does a merger or acquisition make sense for your company?

The European market is not as advanced as other international markets, although M&A activity has occurred over the past few years and will continue as the market matures. Young upstart cultivators, producers, and distributors are establishing a foothold all over the European map and inevitably, some of them will be bought out by larger entities. Panelists will discuss best practices for mergers and acquisitions, as well as potential transactions that may be occurring in the near future.

  • 14:30

    Cannabis Biotechnology - Revolutionizing Europe's Cannabis Industry

Biotechnology is revolutionizing Europe's cannabis industry

Opportunities for innovation in the biotechnology sector of the European cannabis industry are heating up. Panelists will provide important information regarding what biotechnology involves that is specific to the cannabis industry, what may be entering the cannabis space in the coming years, the latest on plant genetics, regulatory policies, and opportunities in food processing. Learn about what role cutting edge biotech plays in Europe's emerging cannabis industry.

  • 15:15

    Doctor Education

Doctor education is one of the biggest hurdles in expanding the EU market - what works and where?

Cannabis is an effective medicine, however, there is still a significant amount of negative stigma directed at the cannabis plant and patients that use it. Many doctors are reluctant to recommend medical cannabis to patients due to a lack of knowledge about cannabis. This presentation is dedicated to educating patients and medical professionals about the benefits of medical cannabis.

  • 15:45

    Focus on the Cannabis Pharmacy

Pharmacies are the backbone of Germany's cannabis industry

Pharmacies play an enormous role in Germany's medical cannabis industry and are the service providers on the ground. Pharmacies are the very foundation of Germany's safe access model. Learn what new challenges face this part of the industry.

  • 16:15

    Jim Belushi Interview

Jim Belushi is an American actor, voice actor, comedian, singer, musician, and cannabis entrepreneur. Belushi talks about life, acting, and reinventing his career as an international cannabis producer in an insightful and entertaining interview.



  • 10:00

    European CBD Industry and Policy Update EIHA

The most important information that you need to know about CBD regulations

Panelists will discuss recent changes made by the European Commission that affected hemp-derived CBD food, cosmetic products, and the Novel Foods Catalogue. The recent changes have had a significant impact on which products are allowed and which ones are prohibited. This panel will provide a thorough summary of the recent changes, their impact, and what further changes may be coming in the near future.

  • 10:45

    International Regulatory Panel – Import and Exports

International trade is a hot topic these days in the cannabiz - get up to date insights on what is moving where and how

One of the more difficult frontiers of the industry to navigate is developing in Europe because of a patchwork of laws far from cannabis on both a regional and national level. Exports and imports is the place where most of this confusion meets. The changing regulatory environment beyond that as international trade laws impact the conversation, creates a complicated, if not volatile, regulatory framework for businesses to work within. This panel will explore the intricacies of cannabis imports and exports in detail.

  • 11:30

    Emerging Markets

Which markets in Europe have the most potential and opportunity?

Different cannabis markets are at different stages of industry maturity, with some markets getting ready to launch and others being more established. Low wage economies see the new opportunities opening up across the European continent and beyond. More than a few countries now see cannabis as a great market development tool. From Spain, Denmark, Switzerland and Greece to countries in Eastern Europe, like Poland, Slovenia and North Macedonia, what are the opportunities to seize and what are the ones to watch out for? Panelists will discuss the important factors to be mindful of.

  • 12:15


Increasing Demand, Significant Opportunities, and Complicated Regulations

The extractions market is slowly beginning to come online in Europe as the market expands beyond floss to oil. However, this key procedure is critical to becoming an established, regulated and compliant industry producer. Listen to leading extractors talk about the issues they face – from the levels of THC allowed in hemp derived products to some of the thornier discussions about Novel Food.

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  • 14:15

    Cannabis Technology

Cannabis Technology - Revolutionizing an Emerging Industry

Industry growth is being propelled by advances from purpose-made innovations. Novel hardware, software, and other IP provide efficiency, scale, and sales channels to help operators navigate our hyper-regulated Industry. Our panel of leading entrepreneurs and tech executives will discuss the impact and differentiation provided by tech, and its impact on industry competition.

  • 15:00

    Media Panel

Harnessing cannabis and mainstream media to help your cannabis company

Cannabis media has evolved in lightspeeds in the U.S. and Canada but what about coverage on the continent? As mainstream news has picked up the story of legalization, what has fallen through the cracks, and what has been distorted? What is the role of the cannabis specialty press in Europe, and how are business models adapting to a new model of survival in a world where advertising is at best in its infancy?

  • 15:45

    Strategic Partnerships - Does it Make Sense for Your Company?

Partnerships may sound good on paper, but what works and what is a recipe for disaster?

Establishing and maintaining strategic partnerships is vital to success for all cannabis companies. Collaborating with the right partner(s) can literally be the difference between a company becoming a titan of the cannabis industry or fizzling. Panelists will discuss tips and tricks for seeking out the right partnership, as well as potential pitfalls that entrepreneurs should avoid.

  • 16:30

    Process Optimization

How does a disruptive industry streamline and normalize itself in a way good for the bottom line and ROI?

Optimizing any business process is the key to profits and expansion. But how does “optimization” of process take place, or is it even possible in an industry with processes and products still waiting to be completely legalized? This panel will discuss how to make processes as efficient as possible in an industry that is built on shifting and evolving policies.

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