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16-17 April 2024 • Estrel Berlin Hotel

2024 Berlin B2B Schedule

16-17 April 2024

Tuesday, 16 April 2024

  • 8:45

    Berlin B2B 2024 Conference Overview

Alex Rogers, Executive Producer of the International Cannabis Business Conference, welcomes conference attendees and provides an overview of the conference schedule, including the panels and speakers that will be providing presentations and interviews. Ngaio Bealum will be the Master of Ceremonies.

  • 9:00

    Keynote Speaker – TBA

  • 9:20

    The European Cannabis Industry

Challenges, Pitfalls and Outlook

Several nations on the European continent are working to update their cannabis policies and regulations to embrace the rising legal cannabis industry, with multiple countries now being home to thriving markets. Internationally renowned cannabis expert Peter Homberg, partner at leading business law firm Dentons, provides an update about current cannabis policy modernization efforts underway in European member states. Homberg will also examine major economic developments in Europe’s emerging legal cannabis industry, as well as some prognostic outlooks on significant legal trends arising from the continent’s cannabis movement.

  • 10:00

    German Cannabis Policy Modernization Efforts

Evaluating the status of reform efforts in Europe’s largest economy

The German Cannabis Business Association (BvCW e.V.) is once again hosting the political panel discussion with key players from parties in the German Bundestag. The progress of current German cannabis policy modernization efforts will be discussed, including public policies relating to industrial hemp, adult-use cannabis, and medical cannabis. Panelists will examine what is already possible for the nation’s emerging legal cannabis industry as well as what people can expect going forward, including “Pillar 2” of the nation’s proposed adult-use legalization plan. The discussion will be held in German. Simultaneous translation into English will be provided.

  • 10:50

    Cultivation of Medical Cannabis in Germany

A new opportunity for the market?

In November 2023, the German government surprisingly decided to lift all restrictions on the cultivation of medicinal cannabis in Germany. In the future, probably from April 1, 2024, the three already licensed growers of medical cannabis in Germany will be able to produce cannabis without quantity and product restrictions. However, any other company that can grow cannabis to pharmaceutical standards can also apply for a license. The panel will discuss what consequences this decision will have for the national and international markets. Will there be a “Green Rush”, similar to 2017 and 2018? And will medical cannabis become the actual adult-use cannabis?

  • 11:30

    German and European Pilot Projects

Examining Europe’s emerging cannabis pilot programs

European nations such as Switzerland and the Netherlands have launched regional adult-use cannabis commerce pilot projects for research purposes. Several other nations have plans to launch such programs, including Germany where pilot programs are expected to be larger in scope compared to their European counterparts. Panel participants will provide an overview of pilot projects that are currently operational in addition to discussing what the future holds for planned pilot projects in other European jurisdictions.

  • 12:10


  • 13:00

    Novel Food EU Update

(Not) on the plate: EU’s Dilemma with Cannabinoids and Novel Food

Delve into the complex world of cannabinoid regulations in foodstuff in the EU. This discussion looks at the implementation and enforcement of regulations pertaining to Cannabinoids in food products, unravelling the diverse approaches adopted by EU member states. Explore the complexity between regional regulations and overarching EU guidelines, shedding light on the disparities within the union. From varied national perspectives to harmonization and authorization attempts within the EU, we will dissect the challenges of establishing novel food status for hemp food ingredients and cannabinoids – including ongoing side challenges with health claims, novel cannabinoids like HHC or 4HCBD and inappropriate marketing. Join us to gain insights into the legal complexities surrounding the risk assessment of cannabinoids, an issue that extends far beyond culinary preferences.

  • 13:30

    German Social Clubs

What opportunities exist for Germany’s cannabis club sector?

One of the main components of Germany’s adult-use legalization law involves permitting cannabis clubs to operate under certain conditions. Cannabis clubs will largely serve as the primary source for consumers in Germany until regional adult-use pilot programs are launched. Panelists will provide the most current information regarding cannabis club regulations in Germany, as well as what potential opportunities entrepreneurs and investors should consider.

  • 14:00

    Germany as a Cannabis Economic Hub

Delving into the numbers behind Germany’s emerging industry

Delving into the numbers behind Germany’s emerging industry
This session, led by leading cannabis economist Beau Whitney, will examine the economic potential of adult-use cannabis legalization in Germany. The presentation will provide data on the total estimated number of consumers, the Total Addressable Market, job creation potential, potential tax revenue generation, total supply required and the overall economic impact on the German economy. Who needs a pilsner when you can get drunk on data?

  • 14:30

    Cracking The International Cannabis Logistics Chain Code

Overcoming hurdles with practical strategies

Yoram Eshel, CEO of Cannabilog, will provide an in-depth overview of the global cannabis logistics map, including lessons learned from 2023 as well as a forecast for what to expect during 2024. Eshel will present two case studies that highlight the unique challenges facing the international cannabis supply chain, and successful solutions that were incorporated to overcome complicated hurdles. He will also discuss components that entities should keep/maintain in their current strategies and which areas to focus on improving in the future.

  • 15:00

    Developing Effective Medical Cannabis Products

Crafting science-driven medications for evolving patient needs

International cannabis researchers are unlocking more knowledge about the cannabis plant’s wellness capabilities now than at any other time in human history. That research, in turn, is providing valuable insight for scientists and engineers to incorporate science-driven findings into their medical cannabis product development. Panelists will discuss emerging medical cannabis product concepts and trends, and how the evolving needs of patients are helping drive niche product development.

  • 15:40

    Unveiling the Cannabis Plant’s Potential

Exploring the therapeutic applications of cannabinoids

Cannabinoid research is one of the most exciting areas of the cannabis science field, with new information being discovered about the potential therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids on a seemingly frequent basis. As we learn more about the cannabinoids that make up the cannabis plant and their unique qualities, research must be conducted with a focus on applying knowledge toward developing wellness products and cannabis therapies for patients. This panel will discuss the unique challenges facing the cannabinoid research field, results from recent research efforts, and what the future may hold for therapeutic applications of cannabinoids.

  • 16:20

    Future Scientific Horizons

Research and development in cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals

We currently live in the most exciting time in human history for cannabis research, thanks in large part to eroding prohibition policies around the world and the emergence of the international medical cannabis industry. Demand for cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical products is greater now than ever before, and with more countries modernizing their cannabis policies to permit the research and development of such products, the future is very bright for the cannabinoid pharmaceutical sector. This panel is dedicated to discussing the future of cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical research and product development.

Wednesday, 17 April 2024

  • 10:00

    Keynote Speaker TBA

  • 10:20

    The Global Cannabis Industry vs. The Regulators

High Hurdles: Regulatory Catch-up on the Licit Cannabis Frontier

What are the biggest regulatory challenges faced by the emerging cannabis industry? In this panel, our experts will provide insight into the interplay between industry growth and regulatory responsiveness, where the lingering echoes of the global war on drugs and the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs pose substantial obstacles. Uncover the influence of corporate interests in shaping regulatory landscapes, complicating the path to effective oversight. A limited number of countries have established regulations for hemp, medicinal cannabis or adult-use cannabis. This creates national bottlenecks and fragmented industries in developing nations and sales markets. This panel will help to understand the dynamic relationship between regulators and the cannabis market, often triggered by legal initiatives from patients and companies. If you are interested in discussing the imperative for proactive regulatory frameworks that not only accommodate evolving industry needs but also foster global harmonization, ensuring a more coherent and responsive environment that also considers corporate social responsibility over corporate capture – this panel is for you.

  • 11:00

    Conventional Industries – Shifting to Food, Pharma and Consumerism

Where is the Green Revolution? Cannabis as an Emerging Commodity in the Agri-industry, in Conventional Pharma, FMCG and Many Industries more…

The panel offers provides an in-depth exploration into the multifaceted and complex dynamics surrounding the emergence of cannabis as a commodity in the agri-industry, conventional pharmaceuticals, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). What role does cannabis play as a commodity, as it integrates into established sectors? Our panelists will examine practical challenges and promising opportunities and explore the evolving agricultural practices, the nuanced changes in pharmaceutical approaches, and the shifting dynamics of consumer goods influenced by this green revolution. It is an opportunity to engage in an insightful conversation about the various aspects of cannabis as it gradually establishes itself as a versatile commodity of the future, shaping industries and prompting a reevaluation of traditional norms.

  • 11:40

    Digitalisation – Cannabis Innovation and Technology

Cannatech Catalysts: Digital Innovation, Programmed Automation and Virtual Trends for the Cannabis Industry and Beyond

This panel takes our audience on a journey into the cutting-edge intersection of technology innovation and the cannabis industry. Explore the digital frontiers of technology innovation,
from programmed automation for cultivation or manufacturing to virtual trends in SaaS or Blockchain-Technology that are reshaping the digital and analogue landscape. Join our experts in exploring broader trends in technology and ecommerce, that are setting the pace for industries across the board, but may face specific restrictions due to the nature of our business. Gain insights into the transformative potential of digital innovation within the cannabis sector, and discover how these technological catalysts might influence and inspire innovation in other industries in the future. This panel provides a unique opportunity to explore the relationship between technology and cannabis, offering a glimpse into the evolving future where digital advancements not only redefine the cannabis experience itself, but also pave the way for groundbreaking approaches in diverse sectors beyond.

  • 12:10


  • 13:00

    Hemp as a Resource: Potential in Global Value Chains

Green Gold Rush: Exploring Hemp’s Bounty in Global Trade and Commodities

Explore the multifaceted role of hemp in global commerce and let’s delve into the pragmatic aspects of hemp as a valuable resource within licit value chains while navigating the possibilities and limitations outlined by the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. This discussion will shine a light on hemp’s potential as a resource for a wide array of commodities. From textiles to biofuels, we’ll examine the practical applications driving hemp’s entry into diverse markets. Join us for a balanced exploration of the economic opportunities and regulatory considerations that define hemp’s role in sustainable industries.Experts will provide insights into the promising future of hemp as a green and versatile player in the global trade landscape.

  • 13:40

    Creating Learning Systems & Best Practices for the Global Cannabis Industry

The Cannabis Blueprint: Developing Learning Systems and Accessible Standards for international Markets

On this panel, our experts will discuss the importance of developing global learning systems and globally accessible standards for the creation of internationally harmonized markets in the realm of hemp, medicinal cannabis, and recreational use. Explore together with our experts the unique challenges of crafting standards for cannabis, an industry characterized by diverse markets and ever-evolving regulations. This panel addresses the scarcity of knowledge keepers and the availability of developed technologies on a local level, creating urgency to make this expertise accessible on a global scale. In a landscape where no global cannabis standard exists, this panel emphasizes on learning from experiences, acknowledging mistakes, and cultivating best practices that pave the way for global cannabis trade. This panel discusses the ever-present reality of “We don’t know what we don’t know,” as we collectively strive to blueprint a sustainable and standardized future for international cannabis markets.

  • 14:20

    Cannabis Genetics And Breeding

Maximizing the potential of the cannabis plant

Cannabis breeding plays a vital role in the emerging legal industry, as it allows for the development of narrowly tailored products to meet the evolving needs of patients and consumers. As the legal market continues to advance, so does the potential for breeding and genetics to play an even greater role in shaping the industry. Expert scientists and cultivators will discuss the latest trends in cannabis genetics and provide insight into where the sector is headed in the future.

  • 14:50

    Emerging Legal Cannabis Markets

Which countries have the potential to create the most opportunities?

The legal international cannabis industry is young by every measure, and many nations are still working to overhaul their cannabis policies and industry regulations. Currently, the legal industry landscape is dominated by a handful of nations, however, the landscape is guaranteed to evolve in the coming years as more markets enter the global arena. Oceania, Latin America, and certain European markets are well-positioned to harness their domestic resources to gain a meaningful share of the global market. Panelists will discuss which markets may hold the most potential in the short and long term, and what sectors of the industry people should focus on going forward.

  • 15:30

    The Cannabis Cultivation Technology Revolution

Cutting-edge technology that is elevating global cultivation operations
Demand for high-quality and sustainable cannabis products is on the rise. The needs of consumers and patients continue to evolve, and how cannabis is produced is more important than ever. In addition to changing consumer and patient demands, many governments are expressing increased concern about the industry’s level of energy consumption. From automated systems and precision agriculture to advanced lighting and environmental controls, technology is playing an increasingly important role in cannabis cultivation processes. This panel brings together experts in the fields of cultivation, technology, and innovation to discuss the latest developments in cannabis production. Panelists will examine how innovative technologies are being incorporated to increase cannabis cultivation efficiency and product quality.