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Brazil Blocks Domestic Medical Cannabis Cultivation

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South America is home to some of the best climates for cultivating agricultural crops, including cannabis. With cannabis laws being reformed throughout South America, the continent is poised to become a global leader in cannabis production. Brazil is South America’s largest country as measured by population size, and second place isn’t close. With a population

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Technology Will Revolutionize Colombia’s Cannabis Industry

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Colombia’s cannabis industry is expanding at a slow but steady pace. Colombia has served as an unregulated source for cannabis for many decades and is in the process of transitioning to a legal cannabis industry. The South American nation is home to a climate that is ideal for cannabis cultivation. The nation’s ideal climate combined

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NASCAR Continues To Prohibit CBD Company Sponsorships

race track nascar daytona racing

Cannabidiol (CBD) is at the heart of one of the fastest-growing industries on earth. CBD is being infused into just about anything and everything that people can think of for better or worse. Regardless of how viable some of the products are, it’s safe to say that CBD, in general, is here to stay. Hemp-derived

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New Zealand Government Unveils Cannabis Legalization Bill

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New Zealand voters will see a cannabis legalization measure on Election Day next year. The details of the measure have been highly anticipated, and New Zealand’s government unveiled some of those details today. So far only two countries have legalized cannabis for adult use. Those countries are of course Uruguay and Canada. A number of

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What Percentage Of Investors Have Purchased Cannabis Stocks?

cannabis stocks stock market

The cannabis industry is booming, and investors are taking notice. The legal cannabis industry is already worth billions of dollars, and the rate of growth is astounding. With so many U.S. states and countries around the globe reforming their cannabis laws, there’s no end in sight to the exponential growth of the cannabis industry. For

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Legal Recreational Cannabis Sales Begin In Michigan

dispensary jars

It was a historic day in Michigan on Sunday, where legal adult-use cannabis sales officially launched in select locations. Michigan has been home to an amazing cannabis community for many years and the launch of adult-use sales is a major milestone that cannabis advocates have fought for over the course of several decades. Michigan voters

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Trinidad And Tobago Government Introduces Cannabis Reform Bills

Trinidad and Tobago

Cannabis reform is sweeping across the globe. It wasn’t that long ago that cannabis was completely prohibited across the planet. Cannabis prohibition is still prevalent in many countries, however, some countries have either legalized cannabis for medical use and/or adult use. The latest nation to announce plans for cannabis reform is the southern-most island nation

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Malta Likely To Allow Cannabis For Pets

dog pet animal veterinarian

It is well documented, via studies and personal testimonies, that cannabis is an effective medicine for humans. The cannabis plant can be used to treat a number of health conditions that humans suffer from, from chronic pain to insomnia. A growing body of evidence is establishing that the cannabis plant can also be used to

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Is A Cannabis Policy Change In New Brunswick Good News For The Technology Sector?

laptop computer internet technology

Ever since the launch of adult-use cannabis sales in New Brunswick, the industry has been operated by a government monopoly. For the past year, a Crown corporation has served as the sole legal cannabis industry entity in New Brunswick. Canadian Crown corporations are government-owned entities and are specifically owned by the Sovereign of Canada. In

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