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Home Grow Europe?

Several political initiatives are moving forward in multiple countries that would give European citizens the right to grow their own – what are the opportunities and pitfalls? Home grow is a controversial topic in the cannabis industry just about everywhere. On one hand, it is the legal loophole...

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The Pending Spanish Paradox

The Spanish government is finally voting to legalize medical cannabis at the end of June – but only for exporting cultivators The land of the cannabis club is moving forward, albeit frustratingly, on medical cannabis reform. Namely, if everything goes as planned, the Spanish government will...

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The Top 10 Cannabis Economies In Europe

Things are starting to change in a hurry on the cannabis front across the EU. Here is a brief overview of the leading cannabis countries across the region as it experiences a European “summer of cannabis love” Things are definitely moving in Europe on the cannabis front this summer. Countries...

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Are More Potent Cannabis Strains On The Way?

Israeli researchers are able to increase the levels of all kinds of cannabinoids by introducing a plant-based virus to the grow cycle The boogie man of the modern legalization movement is the oft-repeated statement that what is available today is “not your grandparents’ weed.” Namely...

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