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  • Author: Anthony Johnson

Canada Needs to Adapt as US, Especially California, Cannabis Industry Grows

Canadian cannabis companies have been given a leg up on its global competition, but that advantage is being eroded and could be eliminated rather quickly once the United States ends federal prohibition, industry insiders warn, and it isn’t difficult to imagine. Federal laws allowing banking services, public investment, normal tax rules, and exports has made…

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Canada Brings in $186 Million in Tax Revenue as Sales Continue to Increase

It’s no secret that cannabis sales in Canada have gotten off to a relatively slow start as the government has taken a rather conservative, cautious approach to licensing, as government officials’ public safety concerns have been given top priority. Regulatory hurdles have hindered efforts to open up brick and mortar stores, caused supply chain issues,…

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Full-Time U.S. Cannabis Jobs to Top 175,000, Increasing 34%, in 2019

Earlier this week, an economic report projected global cannabis sales to increase to 36% in 2019, with dramatic growth expected over the next five years, thanks to an expansion of existing markets and future ones not open just yet. That new business growth is good for companies, investors, consumers, tax collectors, and employees. Not surprisingly,…

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Global Cannabis Sales Could Reach $15 Billion in 2019, $40 Billion by 2024

cannabis plant

Based on current sales, as well as reasonable projections regarding new markets, an industry report projects that global cannabis sales could hit about $15 billion this year, with a continued growth rate that might push the market to a whopping $40 billion in just five years. Cautious regulatory approaches in Canada and California provided hurdles…

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Molson Coors to Brew Cannabis Drinks in Canada, CBD Versions in the U.S.

Molson Coors beers

It was big news when Molson Coors Brewing Company announced that it was forging a partnership to brew non-alcoholic cannabis drinks in Canada, but it shouldn’t have been surprising. Alcohol giant Constellation Brands had already invested heavily in the cannabis industry and it shouldn’t shock anyone that big companies, particularly those involved with alcohol and…

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Keeping Up with Canada? California Moves Towards State Cannabis Banking.

As most folks know by now, a lack of banking services have forced cannabis businesses, including those legal under state law, to deal predominantly in cash due to continued U.S. banking laws that make it nearly impossible to do business with federally chartered financial institutions. There are a few reasons why Canada, the first G7…

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Former US Senate Majority Leader Joins International Cannabis Board

As the cannabis legalization movement moves more mainstream, and the industry become more profitable, we shouldn’t be surprised to see former policymakers and elected officials join the business sector. Former Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner has been the most prominent American politician to enter the industry while Vicente Fox, the former president of…

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International Cannabis Business Conference Zurich 2019 In Pictures!

The International Cannabis Business Conference made its first venture into Switzerland last week, with a conference in Zurich, and the event was a raging success. A sincere thanks to all of our speakers, attendees, sponsors and CannaTrade, Europe’s oldest hemp fair, for partnering with us. We are already looking forward to returning to Switzerland next year!…

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