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The Coming Vape Invasion Of Europe

The cannabis vape market is about to take off in the aftermath of last fall’s decision that CBD is not a narcotic. It is not just the recent business news that Kanabo is upgrading its British CBD facilities to EU GMP that is heralding what is likely to be a vape explosion across Europe by this...

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Cannabis Tea With The Queen?

GW Pharmaceuticals wins the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2021 – what next for the British market? GW Pharmaceuticals, the sole British medical cannabis cultivator and producer, known mostly for Sativex and Epidiolex – has been granted a prestigious award. Namely the Queen’s...

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Covid And Cannabis Travel This Summer

The European Commission intends to let fully vaccinated US travelers visit the European Union this summer – book your tickets now for the International Cannabis Business Conference! In an unbelievably good sign for the overall cannabis industry as well as our conference, we are getting further...

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State Of The Cannabis Industry: Spring 2021

Green shoots and leaves are poking up all over the place as the industry figures out how to survive the Pandemic as well as other powerful forces. There is a sense within the industry these days that the long tail of the Pandemic might last for another couple of years, but this is no excuse for slowing...

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