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Canadian Cannabis Company Aims To Undercut Unregulated Market Prices

cannabis flower

One of the biggest benefits of legalizing and regulating cannabis sales is taking revenue away from the unregulated cannabis market. An unregulated cannabis market is never entirely operated by gangs and cartels, however, it is well documented that gangs and cartels do use illegal cannabis sales in some cases to help generate revenue. Rather than

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Zimbabwe Makes History With Planting Of First Legal Hemp Crop


Zimbabwe may not be the first place that people think of when they think of hemp, however, the African nation made history this month when it planted its first crop of hemp. Zimbabwe legalized the production of hemp last year for medical and scientific purposes and legalized hemp for industrial purposes in September of this

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What Is Canadian Cannabis Legalization 2.0?

canadian flag

Roughly a year ago Canada became the first G-7 nation to legalize cannabis for adult-use. Canada rolled out a regulated adult-use cannabis industry in a limited fashion last October. Canada’s model was built around cannabis flower sales, which will be changing soon. In just a handful of weeks cannabis edibles, vape products, beverages, and other

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Former Health Canada Inspector Dr. Sherry Boodram Joins Nextleaf Solutions Board Of Directors

Nextleaf Solutions Oils

Nextleaf Solutions, a leading cannabis extraction technology company, has announced today that it has added Dr. Sherry Boodram, former Senior Regulatory Compliance Officer with Health Canada, to its Board of Directors, effective immediately. Dr. Sherry Boodram worked for the Canadian federal government for several years and was responsible for licensing application reviews and on-site facility

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Demecan’s Successful Series A Financing Round Is A Major Milestone For Germany’s Domestic Cannabis Industry

hemp plant field

Germany’s medical cannabis industry is increasing in size with every passing quarter. The profit potential for the nation’s emerging medical cannabis industry is significant considering that Germany is home to the largest economy in Europe and has more than twice the population of California. For obvious reasons, Germany has been a very popular target for

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