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What Are The Top Cannabis Companies In Spain?

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Spain’s cannabis community is second to none in many ways, and its current industry model is very unique. Unfortunately, public cannabis policy in Spain is not as advanced as it needs to be for the nation’s emerging industry to reach its full potential.

However, there are still several cannabis companies operating in Spain right now that are true global industry leaders. As the legal industry continues to spread across the planet cannabis enthusiasts and observers need to keep the company names below on their radars.


When you are talking about the cannabis scene in Spain, or Europe for that matter, Spannabis should always be at the top of the list. Spannabis is the world’s largest cannabis gathering, and once again will be partnering with the International Cannabis Business Conference, Spain’s largest cannabis B2B conference, to put on a super-event in Barcelona in March that is a must-attend.


Dinafem Seeds is a cannabis seed bank based in Donostia, Gipuzkoa that provides one of the best selections of cannabis genetics available on the market, including many award-winning cannabis genetics. Per the company’s disclaimer on their website, they “refuse to sell cannabis seeds to anyone who we believe is going to use them to grow cannabis in countries where it is illegal,” so keep that in mind.


Plantasur is a B2B wholesale distribution company that supplies brick and mortar storefronts, online grow stores, and other companies in the cannabis industry. With over 5,000 products offered, Plantasur provides many of the most important cannabis cultivation and consumption gadgets in the space today.

Delicious Seeds

Delicious Seeds was established in 2009 and describes themselves as defending “a harmonious growth process, based on the values of equality, efficiency and transparency.” The company’s staff is highly qualified and can advise aspiring cultivators of all skill levels on any questions that may arise with free and personalized attention.


Hortitec specializes in B2B crop product distribution for technical horticulture. The company has multiple offices in Spain, and is committed to professionalism, quality, sustainability and investment in technology, always seeking continual improvement to offer the best products and services to their customers.

Kannabia Seed Company

Kannabia was originally founded in 2008 and per their website, “is dedicated to cannabis seed growers and marijuana.” The company was influenced by the concerns and suggestions of cannabis cultivators and they have spent years developing systems that ensure the optimal development of the genetics that they offer.


One of the most iconic cannabis brands in Spain is a company named Smoking. The rolling paper company was first founded in 1879 and products are currently manufactured by Miquel y Costas in Barcelona. According to the company’s website, they were one of the earliest factories to ever produce rolling papers.

Canamo Magazine

Spain is home to several insightful and entertaining cannabis media outlets, with one of the best of them being Canamo Magazine. The media outlet offers both print and digital content, including content related to news, culture, and cultivation.


Alchemia Grow Shop was inaugurated in April 2001 in a small store in the heart of Figueres. The company has since increased in size and influence and now offers over 6,000 items for sale, involving more than 1,500 strains and 63 seed banks, including Philosopher Seeds, their own seed bank created in 2008 to share their best genetics with clients and friends.