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West Australian Parliamentary Report Recommends Cannabis Reform

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Australia is one of the many countries where medical cannabis is technically legal, although, it’s also one of the many countries home to a restrictive medical cannabis program, which is unfortunate for suffering patients that live in Australia.

Medical cannabis was legalized nationwide in Australia in 2016, however, suffering patients can only legally obtain medical cannabis products via a prescription from a licensed doctor. Home cultivation is prohibited, even for licensed patients, and the type of medical cannabis products available in Australia is limited.

To make matters worse, intoxicated driving laws in Australia are such that most medical cannabis patients cannot legally operate a motor vehicle when completely sober due to having THC in their system. A new parliamentary report is recommending an overhaul of such cannabis policies. Per ABC News:

A West Australian parliamentary report has recommended the elimination of barriers to accessing medicinal cannabis, including letting people with a prescription drive a car while the drug is in their system.

The Select Committee on Cannabis and Hemp has made 16 recommendations to the state government, ranging from changing drug driving laws to doubling the amount doctors are allowed to prescribe to patients.

Legalise Cannabis Party member and committee chair Brain Walker said change was overdue and that WA Premier Mark McGowan should take action.

What Australia really needs to do is to legalize cannabis for adult use and launch regulated national sales, which is the only way to truly ensure safe access to cannabis for all adults that need it. According to a poll conducted in May 2022, 55% of Australians support regulating cannabis like alcohol.

Australia‘s Parliamentary Budget Office released a report earlier this year which estimated that legalizing cannabis for adult use and launching national adult-use sales would generate A$28 billion in tax revenue in the first decade.