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United Kingdom Accepts New Recommendations For CBD Products

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The United Kingdom, like most countries, has struggled to regulate products containing cannabidiol (CBD). CBD products have increased in popularity and availability across Europe, and there is a considerable amount of confusion regarding what is permitted, what is not, and what is in a ‘grey area.’

Due to CBD’s lack of euphoria-inducing properties, people who typically buy and consume CBD products are doing so for wellness purposes, and not recreational purposes. As such, they really need the products that they are consuming to be properly regulated to ensure consistency, efficacy, and safety.

The government of the United Kingdom recently accepted recommendations to specify permissible cannabinoid levels in CBD products. Per excerpts from Cannabis Health News:

The UK Home Office this week accepted recommendations from the Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) regarding the legal levels of controlled cannabinoids, including THC, in consumer CBD products.

In a response to the ACMD report, published on 24 October, Minister for Crime and Policing, Chris Philp MP, said the government intends to accept the advised limit of 50 micrograms of THC and other controlled cannabinoids per unit of consumption.

Clear and sensible regulations are desperately needed in the global CBD sector. Many jurisdictions either have no regulations or vague regulations, while many others have regulations that are overburdensome and/or conflicting with other public policies and rules.

All of that makes it very difficult to be an entrepreneur or investor, as neither wants to operate in an uncertain and seemingly-shifting landscape. That, in addition to the issues that it causes for consumers and patients. Unfortunately, the situation in the United Kingdom and beyond will likely get more murky before better clarity and consistency are achieved.

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