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The Top European Cannabis Companies In 2023

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Europe’s emerging legal cannabis industry is undergoing a significant evolution right now, which is guaranteed to last through at least the rest of this decade. Several countries are pursuing adult-use cannabis reform, most notably Germany, and the continent’s legalization model is starting to take shape.

Meanwhile, Europe’s medical cannabis industry continues to increase in size and scope, and products low in THC, or focused on other cannabinoids such as CBD, are gaining in popularity and availability. Various industry projections currently exist, however, it’s likely that many of them will prove to be too conservative by the time this decade is over.

The coming years in Europe will yield cannabis companies that will likely serve as titans of the continent’s emerging cannabis industry for decades to come. Below are the top companies to keep an eye on (in no particular order).

Weeco Weeco is a European multi-country operator focusing on medical cannabis product development. The company produces pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis products, conducts cannabis genetics research, and designs product dispensing technology.

DentonsDentons Law Firm is one of the leading firms on the entire planet, and while they represent clients from a variety of industries, they also have an area of practice that is dedicated to the emerging cannabis industry.

CanninteligenceCannIntelligence provides independent, in-depth regulatory and market data and intelligence for the global cannabis and cannabinoid sector.

SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals is a specialist biotechnology company delivering transformative treatments to meet the evolving healthcare needs of medical cannabis patients. The company creates novel treatments that truly engage the power of the cannabis plant to alleviate debilitating chronic conditions.

FluenceFluence creates lighting solutions for controlled environment commercial crop production, including cannabis production. Fluence applies the latest research in photobiology, evidence-based design, precise engineering, and advanced technology to foster a healthier and more sustainable cannabis industry.

Little Green PharmaLittle Green Pharma is one of the most recognizable medical cannabis brands in Europe (as well as Australia). The company delivers innovative solutions to world-class operations in both Denmark and Australia.

DEMECANDEMECAN is the only independent German company that is permitted to cultivate medicinal cannabis in Germany. The company’s production facility is near Dresden, and the focus of the facility is to ensure the consistently high quality of DEMECAN’s cannabis products.

Weiss TechnikWeiss Technik is a world market leader for environmental simulation systems and a leader in heat technology, climate technology, and pharmaceutical systems.

HAPA PharmHAPA Pharm is a German company that operates internationally with a focus on the development, production, and distribution of cannabinoid-containing products.

Cansativa GroupCansativa is the central platform and partner of the German Cannabis Agency (BfArM). The company helps Germany’s government facilitate medical cannabis transactions.

CannavigiaCannavigia is Europe’s pioneer compliance software for businesses to trace, secure, and simplify transactions along the entire cannabis supply network. The company’s proprietary system provides transparency for individual processes, interlinked by modules for the cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of goods made of cannabis.

Marry Jane CBDMarry Jane CBD is a Switzerland-based retailer specializing in CBD products, including flowers, oils, tinctures, cosmetics, and sports gels.

BATHERABATHERA is a licensed wholesale medical cannabis company based in Germany. Since 2019, BATHERA has been committed to the responsible trade of medical cannabis for therapeutic purposes and only collaborates with high-quality indoor producers and specialized pharmacies.

Storz and BickelStorz and Bickel is the creator of the Volcano, which still ranks as one of the greatest cannabis consumption devices on earth despite being introduced to the world over two decades ago. Storz and Bickel’s products serve as the industry standard for cannabis consumption around the world.

Paradise SeedsParadise Seeds was founded by Luc Krol in 1994 in Amsterdam. More than 50 cups have been won by Paradise Seeds in several cannabis cups since 1999, as well as some honorable mentions, such as Plant of the Year 2003 for Sensi Star (High Times magazine).

BovedaBoveda makes patented two-way humidity control pouches that preserve the rich flavors, delicious aromas, and potent effects of cannabis. The pouches can be stored along with cannabis flower to help extend the cannabis’ shelf life.

420 Pharma420 Pharma is a medical cannabis producer in Germany. The company produces its own cannabis brand “420” which includes both flower and full spectrum extracts.

Futurola – Since 1996, Futurola has served as Amsterdam’s leading brand for rolling papers and personal consumption equipment. The company sells products all over the globe, including rolling machines and various other consumption rolling accessories.

CannaMedicalCannamedical is one of the leading independent licensed pharmaceutical wholesalers in the European Union, specializing in medical cannabis. The company also produces content and the ‘CannaAcademy.’

HuberHuber is a leading supplier of high-precision temperature control solutions for cannabis research and industry. The company’s products ensure precise temperature control in laboratories and production facilities.

PlagronPlagron is a reliable producer and global supplier of high-quality substrates, fertilizers, additives, and germination products for both personal and commercial cannabis gardens.

BedrocanBedrocan produces five cannabis products or plant varieties for medicine development, patients, and clinical use. Each cannabis product is standardized according to pharmaceutical standards with a defined active ingredient composition. Every stage of the manufacturing process is GMP-certified (good manufacturing practice).

TilrayTilray is a global leader in cannabis research, cultivation, processing, and distribution. The company aspires to lead, legitimize, and define the future of the cannabis industry by building the world’s most trusted cannabis and hemp company. Tilray was the first GMP-certified medical cannabis producer to supply cannabis flower and extract products to tens of thousands of patients, physicians, pharmacies, hospitals, governments, and researchers on five continents.

Sanity GroupSanity Group, founded in Berlin in 2018 by Finn Age Hänsel and Fabian Friede, includes Vayamed and AVAAY Medical (medicinal cannabis), Endosane Pharmaceuticals (finished pharmaceuticals), Belfry Medical (medical products and digital applications), VAAY (wellbeing) and This Place (natural cosmetics). Near Frankfurt am Main, Sanity Group also operates a production and processing facility for cannabis extracts.

Sensi SeedsSensi Seeds pioneered the cannabis seed industry in 1985. Today, the company is the world’s largest cannabis seedbank with over 500 varieties. These genetics and the brand name have become true classics in the cannabis community. Additionally, the Dutch government chose Sensi Seeds genetics to develop the medicinal cannabis supplied by pharmacies.

Canopy GrowthCanopy Growth Corporation is a world-leading diversified cannabis company. Canopy operates a collection of diverse brands and curated strain varieties, supports millions of square feet of indoor greenhouse production capacity, and has partnered with some of the leading names in the sector.

HOMEboxHOMEbox is the first indoor greenhouse designed in Germany. For over 20 years, customers worldwide have trusted the market leader HOMEbox. With home cultivation legalization on the horizon in Germany, HOMEbox products will likely experience a big spike in demand in the coming years.

HesiHesi is a thriving international company with a global reach including Europe, America, Asia, and South America. The company makes plant aids and soil additives that are mixed, filled, and packed in the company’s production facility in Kerkrade, the Netherlands.

HBI EuropeHBI Europe produces several popular cannabis consumption brands, including RAW, Elements, and Juicy Jay’s, as well as produces various types of scales.

Lux Light – For over 20 years Lux Light International has specialized in the development, production, and marketing of high-valued horticultural lighting solutions. The company product range concentrates on high-quality lamps, complete fixtures, ballasts, and LED modules for the qualitative and economical demands of cannabis cultivation.

Quality Services International (QSI)QSI is an accredited laboratory with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and experienced, continuously trained specialist staff. The company is certified to carry out GMP analysis of medical cannabis.

Pure Holding AGPure Holding AG is among the largest, fully vertically integrated cannabis companies in the European market. It covers the entire value chain of the cannabis industry with its 6 entities – Pure Production, DEOM, Puregene, Pure Pharma, Pure Europe GmbH, and Pure Europe Sàrl.

CannaCanna produces nutrients and growing media for cannabis plants. The company was founded in the early 1990s, and all its products are scientifically tested before they are launched.

LUX 99LUX 99 provides express delivery of medical cannabis products throughout Germany. The 2nd generation, family-owned company also has two pharmacy locations.

Cannovum Cannabis AGCannovum is a fully licensed medical cannabis company with the vision that every patient deserves the best therapy.