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The Top Cannabis Firms In Germany In 2024

German Parliament

Germany continues to trend towards adult-use cannabis legalization, with the expected launch date for some components of Germany’s legalization plan (CanG) being April 1, 2024. Noncommercial cannabis clubs are expected to launch on July 1, 2024.

This will be the most pivotal year ever for the cannabis movement not only in Germany, but also the rest of Europe, with several countries expected to follow in Germany’s footsteps after legalization is implemented in Europe’s largest economy.

It is an extremely exciting time for German-based companies that work directly in the cannabis industry or provide ancillary products and/or services to the emerging German cannabis industry. Below are the top companies that people need to keep an eye on as things continue to heat up in Germany and the rest of Europe.

420 Pharma

420 Pharma is a medical cannabis producer in Germany. The company produces its own cannabis brand “420” which includes both flower and full spectrum extracts. All of their cannabis flower is hand-picked and processed in a manner that ensures unaltered terpene profiles.


Aphria was one of the three firms that won authorization to grow cannabis during the German cultivation bid. They subsequently merged with Tilray, but not before also purchasing the sixth-largest mainstream medical distributor in the country (CC Pharma).

Aurora Cannabis

Aurora Cannabis is a Canadian public company that also won one of the three cultivation slots in the German cultivation bid. The firm has a footprint across Europe at this point. It was one of the earliest public Canadian companies before establishing itself across the EU in recent years.


BvCW is the voice of the cannabis industry in Germany and represents all industry segments and company sizes to politicians and administration. BvCW’s specialist areas are divided into “Luxury Food Regulation”, “Industrial Hemp & Food”, “Medical Cannabis”, “CBD et al.” and “Technology, Trade & Services”. BVCW combines industrial policy, technological, economic expertise and advocates for better political framework conditions.

Canopy Growth

Canopy Growth is a world-leading cannabis company focused on unleashing the power of cannabis to improve lives, particularly in Germany. From supporting personal wellness to fostering economic opportunity and striving toward social justice, Canopy Growth is showcasing the capacity of cannabis as a force for good. Canopy Growth offers high-quality products with best-in-class cannabinoid effects. Rooted in a belief that every moment in the day can be enhanced by the tailored use of cannabinoid products, Canopy Growth is redefining experiences with cannabis and demonstrating the true potential of this powerful plant.

Cansativa Group

Cansativa is the central platform and partner of the German Cannabis Agency (BfArM). The company helps Germany’s government facilitate medical cannabis transactions.


DEMECAN is the only independent German company that is permitted to cultivate medicinal cannabis in Germany. The company’s production facility is near Dresden, and the focus of the facility is to ensure the consistently high quality of DEMECAN’s cannabis products.


Dentons is the world’s largest global law firm and focuses on helping entrepreneurs, investors, and other entities in the cannabis space. Dentons helps cannabis companies operate, grow, remain secure and compliant, and gain financing by providing uniquely global and deeply local legal solutions. Polycentric, purpose-driven and committed to inclusion, diversity, equity and sustainability, Dentons focuses on what matters most.


Fluence creates lighting solutions for controlled environment commercial crop production, including cannabis production. Fluence applies the latest research in photobiology, evidence-based design, precise engineering, and advanced technology to foster a healthier and more sustainable cannabis industry.

Grow In AG

Grow In AG was the first hydroponics shop in the European Union. Grow In AG was founded in 1995 and now offers one of the largest international ranges of carefully tested and selected items for successful cultivation. In March 2020, Grow In AG merged with wholesaler HydroGarden LTD. Together, Hydrogarden and Grow In AG now form the largest wholesaler of hydroponic growing accessories in Europe.

Hanf Magazin

Hanf Magazin is an online and print magazine for everyone who is interested in the topic of hemp, wants to learn something about it and/or is connected to the hemp scene. It is full of inspiration on the topic of hemp, interesting facts about cannabis, medicine and law, as well as the legalization debate. Hanf Magazin covers current developments and trends on the subject of hemp online and in its bi-annual print magazine. The editorial team provides well-founded and practical information about all topics that have to do with hemp.


HiperScan GmbH is a successful, medium-sized technology company with headquarters in Dresden and over 60 employees. HiperScan GmbH branched off from the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems, Dresden, in 2006. HiperScan is responsible for the very successful and cost-effective NIR-analysis system Apo-Ident, which is distributed in Germany and internationally. It is a near-infrared spectrometer that has been specially designed for identifying raw materials in pharmacies. With this system, HiperScan is the market leader for raw material identification in German pharmacies.


Huber is one of the technological sector-leading providers of high-precision temperature control solutions for research and industry. Huber’s products ensure precise temperature control in laboratories, pilot plants and cannabis industry production processes from -125 to +425 °C.


KFN+ law firm, led by Kai-Friedrich Niermann, advises large CBD and medical cannabis companies, as well as companies and associations interested in the emerging recreational cannabis market. With a broad range of expertise in cannabis and business law, KFN+ provides comprehensive legal support to companies and individuals. From contract drafting and company formation to day-to-day legal support, KFN+ assists cannabis companies with customized solutions in all legal matters, including white-collar criminal law where necessary.

Little Green Pharma

Little Green Pharma is one of the most recognizable medical cannabis brands in Europe (as well as Australia). The company delivers innovative solutions to world-class operations in both Denmark and Australia.


MJ_Universe GmbH was founded by Lisa Katharina Haag. MJ_Universe provides consulting services to the emerging legal cannabis industry. The company is committed to projects dedicated to accelerating cannabis as a medicine, to advocating for a more progressive and realistic regulatory framework and to activities that mainstream cannabis. MJ_Universe’s mission is to unlock the full potential of cannabis.

Purpl Scientific

Purpl Scientific is a technology company dedicated to providing accurate, affordable tools to the emerging legal cannabis industry that provide insight and intelligence about products and potency. The company packs a ton of new-generation technologies into its hand-held applications that are exceedingly powerful, amazingly fast, extremely affordable and controlled with the click of a button.

Quality Services International

Quality Services International is an accredited laboratory with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and experienced, continuously trained specialist staff. The company is certified to carry out GMP analysis of medical cannabis.

Sanity Group

Sanity Group, founded in Berlin in 2018 by Finn Age Hänsel and Fabian Friede, includes Vayamed and AVAAY Medical (medicinal cannabis), Endosane Pharmaceuticals (finished pharmaceuticals), Belfry Medical (medical products and digital applications), VAAY (wellbeing) and This Place (natural cosmetics). Near Frankfurt am Main, Sanity Group also operates a production and processing facility for cannabis extracts.

SKW Schwarz

SKW Schwarz is an independent law firm with around 130 lawyers, four locations and a common goal: they think ahead. In a world where everything is in motion, cannabis companies need legal advice that recognizes change as an opportunity. As a full-service law firm and member of TerraLex, SKW Schwarz is globally networked and advises in all relevant areas of commercial law.

Storz & Bickel

Storz and Bickel is the creator of the Volcano, which still ranks as one of the greatest cannabis consumption devices on earth despite being introduced to the world over two decades ago. Storz and Bickel’s products serve as the industry standard for cannabis consumption around the world.

VTA GmbH & Co. KG

VTA GmbH & Co. KG serves international customers and partners in a large number of process industries, including the emerging cannabis industry, with their customized equipment and systems. VTA’s distillation plants are used for purification, concentration, removal of low boilers, color improvement, drying of products and much more.


Since the company was founded in 1983, Wessling‘s aim has been to offer their business partners high-quality, tailor-made analytical and consulting services as well as holistic solution concepts for the areas of real estate, environment, food, consumer products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.