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The Global Rise Of Medical Cannabis

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The legal medical cannabis industry is a global powerhouse now, however, that was obviously not always the case. International economists estimate that the legal medical cannabis market topped $31.8 billion USD in 2022 and that by 2030 the market size could more than double.

Yet, the emerging legal medical cannabis industry comes from fairly humble beginnings going back to the mid-1990s in California. A coalition of dedicated activists succeeded in getting the first medical cannabis legalization measure passed in California in 1996 and that victory set off a chain reaction that is still sweeping the globe today.

As medical cannabis reform has spread across the planet over the better part of the last three decades, the industry itself has evolved considerably during the same time period. The young legal industry in California in the mid-1990s doesn’t resemble the medical cannabis industry in existence today, including within California’s own borders.

The modern medical cannabis industry is far more sophisticated now compared to decades past, and rules and regulations are far more complex. With the rise of legal medical cannabis imports and exports, the complexities will likely only increase going forward.

Furthermore, adult-use reform is on the move, particularly in Europe where Germany is on the cusp of passing a national adult-use legalization measure. The modernization of adult-use cannabis policies will no doubt have an impact on medical cannabis policies in the regions where adult-use reform occurs.

All of that can make it hard to get a grasp on trends and opportunities, and it’s even harder when the industry and policy landscape shifts, which seems to be a frequent thing these days. Fortunately, there’s an opportunity to learn directly from leading international cannabis experts at the upcoming International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin on June 29th-30th.

One of the panels for the conference, which is the largest and longest-running event of its type in Europe, is dedicated to discussing the rise of the global medical cannabis industry, and what impact legalization in Germany will have on the sector.

Georgia Glick, Head of Partnerships for Hanway Associates, will serve as the moderator of ‘The Global Rise of Medical Cannabis’ panel in Berlin. Joining Georgia Glick will be Lily Temperton, Head of Analysis for Hanway Associates, Lisa Haag, Founder of MJ_Universe, Alex Revich, Equity Partner at Hybrid Pharm and Cannabis Education & Medical Partnerships at Loosh Brands, Fleta Solomon, CEO of Little Green Pharma, and Dr. Malgorzata Meunier, CSO of Hapa Pharm.

Germany has emerged as a key player in the global medical cannabis market, with a robust regulatory framework and a growing number of patients accessing cannabis for therapeutic use. Although, Germany is not alone in its pursuit of medical cannabis.

Around the world, countries are exploring the potential of cannabis to treat a range of conditions, from chronic pain to epilepsy to cancer. In this panel, experts from Germany and beyond will take a closer look at the role of Germany in the international medical cannabis industry and explore emerging markets and pilot programs around the planet.

The panel will also discuss the critical importance of education for healthcare professionals, patients, and policymakers to ensure the safe and effective use of medical cannabis. You can view the full schedule for the upcoming International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin at this link here.

Over 5,000 cannabis leaders from over 80 countries will be represented at the International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin and that includes representatives from every sector of the industry as well as leading international cannabis policymakers and industry service providers.

Attend the International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin to network with investors, entrepreneurs, industry regulators, and international policymakers and take your industry pursuits to the next level. Secure tickets now before the event is sold out!

Berlin, Germany