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The Global Cannabis Industry’s Increasing Momentum Was On Full Display In Barcelona

International Cannabis Business Conference Barcelona 2023

The emerging legal international cannabis industry is stronger now than at any other time since the dawn of prohibition so many decades ago, and that was on full display last week in Barcelona where leading cannabis investors, entrepreneurs, activists, policymakers, and industry service providers from all over the planet gathered at the International Cannabis Business Conference on March 9th.

March in Barcelona has largely developed into the start of ‘cannabis event season’ for the international cannabis community in recent years, with the International Cannabis Business Conference partnering once again with Spannabis (held March 10th-12th) to put on the world’s largest cannabis super-event in 2023.

The two events combine for what is likely the closest thing in this world to an international cannabis community reunion, and it’s always heartwarming and inspiring to see old friends connecting (in addition to new friendships being created).

International Cannabis Business Conference Barcelona 2023

The International Cannabis Business Conference is Spain’s largest cannabis B2B event and this year’s installment came at a very crucial time for cannabis policy in Spain, as well as for cannabis policy at the continental level. Lawmakers and regulators in Spain are working harder than ever to pass meaningful legislation that will help Spain’s emerging cannabis industry reach its full potential. The same can also be said about many other parts of Europe right now.

With that in mind, it was tremendously beneficial to bring not only leaders from throughout Spain to one venue to network and discuss cannabis policy, but also leaders from other nations that are either working towards the same end goal as Spain or are farther along in the process and were able to impart their wisdom. Those leaders were able to network with each other and additionally were able to network with industry members, which is important for a multitude of reasons.

Cannabis policy reform is still a relatively new phenomenon at the international level and the global cannabis ecosystem is still largely a patchwork of laws, rules, and regulations, and that patchwork extends to efforts to reform and improve current public policies. The saying, ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ is as applicable to global cannabis efforts as anything you will ever find, so seeing leaders from all sectors of society (law, government, industry, activism) networking with each other was very encouraging and uplifting.

The International Cannabis Business Conference’s next event will be in Berlin in June. Buy your tickets today before prices go up!

International Cannabis Business Conference Barcelona 2023

As is always the case, the curriculum at the International Cannabis Business Conference in Barcelona was packed with world-class speakers who are all global leaders in their particular fields. We will be publishing videos of the panel discussions on the event’s YouTube channel, so make sure to check them out in the near future.

Below is a small sampling of photos from some of the many insightful panel discussions that took place at the 2023 International Cannabis Business Conference Barcelona B2B event:

International Cannabis Business Conference Barcelona 2023

No International Cannabis Business Conference event would be complete without an epic after-party, and this year’s event in Barcelona was no exception.

Below is a sampling of pictures demonstrating the ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality that makes the International Cannabis Business Conference’s events so special:

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