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The Future Of Cannabis Science And Technology

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From the perspective of cannabis science and technology, we currently live in the best era in human history. It doesn’t take a historian to realize that the fields of cannabis science and technology have advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, as there is evidence of it to be found all over the planet now.

A person could make a list of all of the cannabis science and technology innovations combined from several decades in the past, and it would likely be a shorter list than what has occurred in just the last few years alone.

The advancements in cannabis science and technology in recent years are the direct result of cannabis policy modernization efforts in various parts of the world. More countries than ever before are now permitting medical and/or adult-use cannabis commerce, research, and development.

Scientists and innovators of all backgrounds and areas of focus are taking advantage of newly afforded freedoms to conduct research and development in ways that were completely prohibited in years past, and the results of their work are benefitting humans in their own jurisdictions and beyond.

For contextual purposes, consider the graph below showing the number of peer-reviewed cannabis studies listed on as of the posting of this article, organized by year:

PubMed cannabis study search

Keep in mind, while there are currently 32,491 peer-reviewed cannabis studies listed, which is a substantial amount, that is during a time period when studies were either outright prevented or the results were suppressed. Thankfully, cannabis research censorship is a thing of the past in a growing number of countries, as reflected in the graph above.

The truly inspiring thing about all of it is that we are just starting to scrape the surface. As more countries modernize their cannabis policies, cannabis science and technology innovations are going to hit warp speed and start piling up at an exponential rate. Part of that growth rate of innovation will be driven by profit given the fact that the emerging legal cannabis industry is worth so many tens of billions of dollars (and growing).

Cannabis is being cultivated in many markets now via sophisticated methods on a scale that is truly mind-boggling. It wasn’t that many years ago that a small personal hydroponic garden was considered cutting-edge technology in the cultivation world, and yet, today such a cultivation setup seems prehistoric by many measures.

These days nutrients, tailored feeding schedules, grow mediums, sungrown greenhouses, and supplemental lighting technology are arguably more advanced in the cannabis space than in any other agricultural area of focus, and unlike those other areas of focus, an army of people are working tirelessly around the clock around the globe to come up with the next great cannabis cultivation breakthrough.

Consumption research and technology is a particularly exciting sector of the emerging cannabis industry. While some countries are better at setting up sensible commerce regulations than others, one common thread that can be found in every legal country is that personal consumption is legal.

As global consumers gain confidence in partaking in their newfound freedoms post-legalization, they will continually seek out the newest and funnest ways to consume cannabis. That demand for new devices and gadgets will be met by inventors, and the financial rewards involved will be considerable. If you think that lazer bongs and handheld vaporizers are cool, wait until you see what gadgets people come up with in the near future, as well as what dispensary products hit the market.

Something that is likely not on a lot of cannabis enthusiasts’ radars right now, but certainly should be, are advancements in the area of non-consumption cannabis science and technology. By that, I mean innovating the way cannabis is used in products that are not consumed by humans, such as using hemp to make hempcrete and other building materials. One area that is particularly promising is incorporating cannabis into bioremediation efforts to clean up polluted ecosystems.

The future of cannabis science and technology is brighter than ever before, with no limit to the sector’s potential currently in sight. It can be difficult to keep up with everything, but that is why everyone should attend the upcoming International Cannabis Business Conference in Bled, Slovenia.

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Slovenia is already home to a thriving research and development community, serving as a global hub for several other industries. With local advocates ramping up efforts to modernize Slovenia’s cannabis policies, the Balkan nation is setting up to serve as an international cannabis research and development hub as well. The International Cannabis Business Conference in Bled is the ideal backdrop for the world’s best cannabis minds to meet and discuss their latest endeavors.

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