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Revised Medical Cannabis Bill Close To Being Filed In Bahamas

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Legal medical cannabis industries are operating all over the planet now thanks to reform victories in recent years and the tireless work of activists and advocates that made those reform victories possible.

Medical cannabis is even being exported across international borders from one country to another, often involving transport across an ocean or two.

With that being said, there are still many countries that continue to prohibit medical cannabis in all of its forms. One of those countries is the Bahamas.

Fortunately, a medical cannabis measure appears to be coming soon. Per The Nassau Guardian:

Following consultation with the Bahamas Christian Council (BCC), various medical professionals and Bahamians in the cannabis business abroad, Attorney General Carl Bethel said yesterday he expects to submit a redrafted medical marijuana bill to a Cabinet subcommittee for review this weekend.

Once the committee reads through the new draft, Bethel said he may present the bill to Cabinet for final approval either next week or the following week.

“(Retired Justice) Dame Anita Allen is working with the Law Reform Commission now to put all of the different suggestions that we deem to be workable, because not everything suggested is workable at the present time, into the redraft of the bill,” Bethel said.

In the summer of 2018 recommendations were offered up by the CARICOM Regional Commission on Marijuana to decriminalize cannabis in the Bahamas.

Later, the Bahamas National Commission on Marijuana recommended legalizing cannabis for medical use. As of right now, it appears that only the medical cannabis provisions will be included in the looming legislation, although we won’t know until the measure is officially submitted.