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Polish Cannabis Market Appears On Track Before National Election

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Despite rumours, strangely timed documents, and temporary difficulties reported by canna hopefuls on the ground in Poland, things appear to be shaking out in an interesting if not positive direction right as the country heads into a national election.

Product registrations for medical products appear to be back on track, albeit with lingering issues around Novel Food registrations.

Nevertheless, while perhaps lagging other countries in the EU on the topic of cannabis reform, Poland appears to be (at least) entering the cannabusiness “green” room – certainly when it comes to imports of medical (including THC) cannabis and domestically produced CBD products.

That being said, in a nod to evolving political discussions in Europe (from Austria and Germany to Italy and Sweden), Novel Food is going to be in the room here from the beginning of the conversation. That, including issues of cost and license fees, is far from popular. 

Cannabiz Sovereign Economic Development Rights?

Much like in Spain and Germany (although perhaps from the more conservative perspective) Polish producers are eager to participate in a market where all things being equal, farmers can grow a crop which brings in, even in raw form, a bit more “green” than say, tomatoes.

However, cultivation is not the only discussion in the room, especially in “emerging markets” like in Eastern Europe. Many people are beginning to question the conventional wisdom about only entering the first rung of the production cycle (i.e. farming the plant) without also seeking the investment and gaining the backing of the government to complete a full cannabis production industry in Poland. Local medicine for local folks. 

In general, certainly in European countries like Poland, it will be far cheaper to produce product domestically than import it across a border, no matter where it is coming from. When national health insurances are on the line to pay, these questions are going to be even more important.

Look for serious discussion about the Polish bid coming soon.

Organizing For An Authentic, Eurocentric Industry Voice

There are several organizations now advocating for change on a fairly significant basis now both in individual countries and at the EU level. These include of course the lobbyists in the employ of individual companies, but it also now includes advocates, patients, and those in the business community who want a regularized, normalized, legal market that speaks for all players, not just the biggest companies.

During an upcoming business conference in Poland leaders from across the industry, and from an international base, will also be conferring on how to launch an industry-focused, patient inclusive non-profit industry association serving the industry across Europe.