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Pakistan’s Ministry Of Science And Technology Is Forming Cannabis Authority

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Industrial hemp is legal in Pakistan, with the country harvesting its first legal hemp crop late last year. Unfortunately, all other forms of cannabis are still prohibited in the conservative country.

Pakistan’s Ministry of Science and Technology wants to change that. Despite Pakistan never allowing cannabis consumption in the modern era, the Ministry is ramping up a push to reform the country’s cannabis laws to permit some type of use. Per Pro Pakistani:

The Secretary of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) said that Pakistan can generate $8 billion in revenue within four years by implementing a policy on cannabis.

He stated this during a meeting of the Standing Committee on Science and Technology under the chairmanship of Senator Shafiq Tarin.

The committee discussed that the government could earn $2 billion in revenue in a matter of months by developing a policy on cannabis use.

Based on the experiences of other nations, the projections and timelines being floated in Pakistan are likely a bit too ambitious. It will take time to successfully transition Pakistan from complete prohibition to a thriving industry capable of yielding billions in public revenue.

However, the fact that Pakistan is pursuing cannabis reform in any fashion is a good thing. Just as prohibition has failed everywhere else on earth, it’s a failed public policy in Pakistan as well.