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Overcoming International Cannabis Logistical Challenges

Yoram Eshel

The emerging international cannabis industry is currently governed by a complex web of laws, rules, and regulations that are constantly shifting and evolving. With more countries reforming their cannabis policies and regulations, the regulatory layers will continue to increase in volume for the foreseeable future.

Yoram Eshel, CEO of Cannabilog, recently presented tips and insight regarding how to navigate the ‘regulatory maze’ in an effective way as part of his presentation at the recent International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin. Eshel analyzes current international supply chain trends, provides an update on regulatory requirements in various markets, and discusses what to anticipate soon. He also discusses the ‘do’s and don’ts’ when shipping cannabis products worldwide.

We look forward to seeing you in Berlin in 2024, as well as at our upcoming science and technology event in Slovenia this September!

Berlin, Europe, Germany