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Navigating Germany’s Booming Cannabis Market: A Guide for International Companies

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The excitement surrounding cannabis in Germany is palpable. With the current government coalition decriminalizing and rescheduling the plant, a wealth of opportunities has arisen for both domestic and international organizations. Events like the International Cannabis Business Conference and Mary Jane Berlin are buzzing with activity, setting new attendance records. However, navigating the German market requires a nuanced understanding of the current regulations to avoid potential pitfalls.

To assist international companies aiming to enter this vibrant market, the largest German Cannabis Business Association (BvCW – Branchenverband der Cannabiswirtschaft, has introduced a specialized format. This initiative is designed to provide critical information and support for businesses looking to establish a presence in Germany. With its comprehensive focus on all aspects of cannabis—medicinal, recreational, and industrial—the BvCW is uniquely positioned to offer valuable insights into the evolving landscape.

Why Germany?

“We understand that there are many eyes on Germany at the moment,” states Dirk Heitepriem, president of the BvCW. “Since April 1st, many opportunities have opened up for international companies looking to sell products and services in Germany! We receive numerous inquiries daily from industry colleagues worldwide. Our goal is to provide them with a platform that will guide them through the process, helping them find the right stepping stones while avoiding inherent traps.”

Key Developments and Opportunities

Benjamin Patock, a member of the Executive Board, adds, “A lot has changed. Access to cannabis as a medicine is easier than ever. Additionally, we are witnessing a significant boom in the recreational home-growing market, with the first cannabis clubs on the horizon. However, some opportunities remain exclusive to EU member states at this point.”

Introducing the BvCW International Briefing

To keep international companies well-informed, the BvCW will host the “BvCW International Briefing” quarterly via Zoom. These sessions will cover recent policy changes, current opportunities and risks, and expected regulatory developments. Participation is free of charge upon registration.

Stay ahead of the curve and ensure your company is well-prepared to tap into Germany’s expanding cannabis market. Register now to join the BvCW International Briefing and gain the insights needed for a successful entry.

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