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National Cannabis Awareness Campaign Launched In UK

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BRITISH CANNABIS launches new awareness campaign for CBD products

It is not that the British don’t want cannabis reform. They do. It is just their government that does not want to move any faster for (fill in the blank) reason. This is not new. Majorities of populations are all moving into the cannabis reform column as political reform follows, sluggishly, behind.

BRITISH CANNABIS, however, an independently owned producer, manufacturer, and distributor of legal cannabis-derived products, has decided to educate the public about CBD (and of course their own products in the process). The campaign is part of a $650,000 marketing campaign to reach health-conscious British consumers over the age of 45.

It will be broadcast on the SKY and Channel 5 networks, marking the first time SKY has allowed cannabis advertising on its channel since 2019.

The company also began selling its products on eBay this month.

Changing Times

The British cannabis question generally, is in a strange place – namely still very much a grey area. London Mayor Sadiq Khan is moving forward with a pilot plan of decriminalization for London. Other areas may follow suit.

In the meantime, illegitimate operations are being raided by the police, including in abandoned buildings and (even more embarrassingly) in city centres.

Larger entities are beginning to establish themselves (like BRITISH CANNABIS) although it is still a hazardous business.

The ability to advertise is also a clear breakthrough in the entire discussion. This is still a contentious discussion just about everywhere in the American and European media markets.

Could it be that the British are finally evolving with the times?

A Long and Torturous Road

Patients are still finding it very difficult to access cannabis. Project TWENTY21, which was supposed to register 20,000 patients has, so far, only managed to enlist 2,000. Beyond that, it is still a game where only those with money can access cannabis anywhere near “legally” and that only after a major bureaucratic struggle.

Most consumers are still left out of the legal market.

Perhaps this is why the latest campaign is geared towards older consumers. They are the ones with the most money, although thanks to both Brexit and Covid, combined with rising oil prices, inflation shock is rife in the UK.

However, beyond such encouraging steps, there has been little news about the forward progression of reform in the UK so far this year.

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