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Israel’s Ministerial Committee On Legislation Advances Cannabis Legalization Bills

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Cannabis legalization is on the move throughout the globe. As it stands right now, only two countries have legalized cannabis for adult use (Uruguay and Canada), however, several other countries are moving in the right direction when it comes to pushing for cannabis legalization.

Two other countries, Mexico and Italy, have seen court decisions rendered which declared cannabis prohibition unconstitutional, so those two countries will join the list of legalized nations once they get measures passed and implemented.

Another nation, Israel, could join the list of legalized countries sooner rather than later. Per JPost:

The Ministerial Committee on Legislation decided on Sunday to advance two separate bills that would legalize cannabis, guaranteeing the coalition’s support for them in the Knesset.

The bills were submitted by Likud MK Sharren Haskel and Blue and White MK Ram Shefa. Haskel said she has fought for the bill for five years but her persistence on behalf of what she said are more than a million cannabis users paid off.

Israel has a long history when it comes to cannabis research and medical cannabis policy. However, it has been slow to move towards full legalization, as Likud MK Sharren Haskel pointed out.

If/when Israel legalizes cannabis for adults, it will hopefully encourage other countries to follow suit. Cannabis prohibition is a failed public policy, both inside the borders of Israel, and beyond.