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Israel Government Permits Medical Cannabis Exports

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Israel is a true pioneer when it comes to medical cannabis policy and cannabis research. After all, it was in Israel that International Cannabis Business Conference alumni Raphael Mechoulam first isolated THC.

The results and findings from cannabis research that was conducted in Israel have benefitted the entire world, not just Israel. The United States has especially benefitted from Israel’s research because of how long research has been hindered in the U.S.

Unfortunately, Israel is behind in one very key area of medical cannabis policy – exports. Knowledge and research may have made it past Israel’s borders, however, the same has not been true for legal medical cannabis products. Fortunately, that is changing. Per The Jerusalem Post:

A free export order for medical cannabis products was signed by outgoing Economy Minister Eli Cohen on Wednesday, approximately 16 months after the government approved exports of locally grown medical cannabis for the first time.

Exporters interested in selling permitted cannabis goods abroad will be required to receive a license from the Health Ministry once the free export order enters into force in another 30 days.

Allowing legal cannabis exports out of Israel is a policy change that is way overdue. Israel possesses more knowledge about medical cannabis than arguably any other country on earth, and suffering patients in other countries should be able to benefit from that knowledge via access to Israeli medical cannabis products.

Entrepreneurs inside and outside of Israel also deserve to help facilitate getting quality products into the hands of suffering patients. Every country should be able to import and export medical cannabis products in a similar fashion that other proven medicines are able to be legally imported and exported.