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Global Drug Policy And The Fight For Worldwide Cannabis Reform

Drug War Panel Berlin Germany International Cannabis Business Conference

The global drug control policy landscape is shifting rapidly, with many countries and international organizations re-evaluating their approach to cannabis and other drugs. Yet, despite growing support for reform, significant challenges remain, including powerful opposition from entrenched interests and a lack of political will in some regions.

In the panel discussion in the embedded video below, experienced thought leaders explore the latest developments in global drug control policy and their implications for the cannabis industry. The panelists discuss the role of lobbying and advocacy in shaping policy reform, and how the cannabis industry can work with policymakers to advance a more rational and humane approach to drug policy. Panelists include:

    • Stephen Murphy – CEO and Co-Founder, Prohibition Partners (Moderator)
    • Aaron Smith – Co-Founder and Executive Director, National Cannabis Industry Association
    • Luna Stower – Chief Impact Officer, Ispire
    • Joe Rogoway – CEO and Managing Attorney, Rogoway Law Group

We look forward to seeing you in Berlin in 2024, as well as at our upcoming science and technology event in Slovenia this September!

Drug War