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First Patients In Colombia Receive Domestically Cultivated Medical Cannabis

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The South American nation of Colombia has cultivated cannabis for many, many years. A lot of that cannabis was exported illegally to international markets. While that is presumably still the case to some extent, the cannabis scene is evolving rapidly in Colombia.

A legal cannabis industry is emerging in Colombia, with legal cannabis exports ramping up. However, exports are not the only thing that is ramping up in Colombia. The country’s domestic medical cannabis program is ramping up as well, and a significant milestone was recently passed. Per Dinero:

In full emergency for the coronavirus and during the first day of isolation ordered by the District and some departments of the country, 7 patients received in Bogotá the first doses of medicinal cannabis cultivated and processed in Colombia.

It is a milestone for the local legal cannabis industry and a critical step for this industry eager for real and practical results.

The firm that developed this masterful formulation (medication and with personalized doses and components) is Khiron Life Sciences, which obtained the certificate of good manufacturing practice from Invima.

Cannabis grows very well in Colombia. Unlike other countries, where a significant amount of labor and resources are needed to cultivate quality cannabis, the cannabis plant thrives naturally in Colombia’s environment.

Labor is cheap in Colombia, which combined with how well the cannabis plant grows in the South American nation, producers in Colombia will be able to sell cannabis for cheaper compared to producers in other countries.

Colombia will no doubt take its rightful place as a global cannabis producer and will supply cannabis to legal markets around the world, just as it has for unregulated markets for so many years. But it’s very encouraging to see that suffering patients within Colombia’s borders will receive safe access to medicine too.