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ExpoMedeWeed Is Coming To Colombia On November 24th-26th

ExpoMedeWeed 2023

Colombia is one of the most exciting places for all things cannabis right now. As the nation continues to work toward modernizing its cannabis policies the South American nation is rapidly becoming an international cannabis industry leader.

An amazing event is coming up in Colombia at the end of the month and we are encouraging people to attend. Below is more information about the event:

ExpoMedeWeed is an annual event that has established itself as the epicenter for the integration of businesses, knowledge, and culture around the Cannabis industry. As tradition dictates, this sixth edition is accompanied by the International Medical Cannabis Seminar, a top-level academic space that brings together prominent researchers, academics, and professionals with the aim of exploring issues in depth, updating concepts, and creating crucial initiatives to drive the generation and dissemination of knowledge for the Cannabis industry.

This fair, organized by MERCOAGRÍCOLA S.A.S., will take place on November 24, 25, and 26, 2023, at the Plaza Mayor Convention and Exhibition Center in the city of Medellín – Colombia. It offers attendees and exhibitors the opportunity to interact in the trade show, the academic seminar, and the business matchmaking event for the industry, activities that will take place during this important event.

Our main topic for this year is the Dissemination of pedagogical approaches for teaching medicinal cannabis industry knowledge at both national and international levels. an approach based on the following thematic axes:

1. Medical cannabis supply chain
Lessons learned of projects that link activities related to the medical cannabis supply chain such as: small and medium growers, agro-industrial processes, manufacturing, import and/or export.

2. Contribution to the health area
Projects aimed at developing activities of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services whose main or exclusive objectives are to promote the health of individuals or population groups.

3. Legislation and research
Approach to the correct reading and interpretation of the regulations established for the production, use and research of medical cannabis in Colombia.

We look forward to having you at the ExpoMedeWeed 2023.

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