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Cultivating Cannabis For An Emerging International Cannabis Market

Cannabis plant

The act and art of cultivating the cannabis plant is far from a new thing. Researchers have found evidence of humans cultivating the cannabis plant in a domestic fashion going back roughly 12,000 years. Yet, the methods, techniques, and particularly the technology that humans have incorporated over time has evolved considerably.

For many years humans cultivated cannabis the same way that many crops were cultivated – by planting seeds into tilled soil and cultivating it under the sun using nothing more than rain or river/creek water. Over time fertilizer concoctions were eventually incorporated. Selective breeding techniques were eventually used by various cultivators, with particular genetics being grown for specific uses.

At some point cannabis cultivation operations moved indoors, both to control the environment that the plants were grown in to maximize yield as well as out of necessity to avoid detection by law enforcement. Advances in artificial lighting and feeding systems occurred as a result, with many of those advances still being used by producers today.

The cultivation sector of the emerging international cannabis industry is currently taking cannabis production to a level that was previously unfathomable. Advances in cultivation research and technology are allowing producers to cultivate cannabis that is of a higher quality and quantity than ever before.

One of the biggest benefits to cannabis reform efforts is the opening up of cannabis production research and innovation. No longer are cultivators restricting their crafts to closets and basements. They can completely operate out in the open and only be restricted by their creativity and ingenuity, and every cannabis consumer and patient on the planet is benefitting from it.

A group of leading cannabis production experts will be participating in a panel at the upcoming International Cannabis Business Conference in Barcelona on March 9th. It’s an amazing opportunity to learn directly from people that are at the forefront of the global cannabis production evolution. Panelists will include:

  • Marcus Richardson, Hashish Aficionado and Creator of Bubble Bags (Moderator)
  • Timo Bongartz, General Manager of Fluence Emea
  • Sabrina Carvalho, Cannabis Plant Specialist at Philips Horticulture LED Solutions
  • Neal Lund, Global Technical Advisor at RIOCOCO
  • Jeremy Youness, International Commercial Sales and Cannabis Cultivation Specialist at Fohse

The International Cannabis Business Conference is the leading cannabis business to business (B2B) event series on the planet, with previous conferences occurring in several countries on multiple continents. The event series is owned and operated by cannabis advocates that believe in celebrating cannabis culture, in addition to providing world-class cannabis industry education and networking opportunities.

The International Cannabis Business Conference has once again partnered with Spannabis, Europe’s top cannabis expo, to form another super-event that is a must-attend for anyone that is serious about succeeding in the emerging cannabis industry. Spannabis originally teamed up with the International Cannabis Business Conference in 2019, and the collaboration was a tremendous success. The 2023 super-event will be bigger and better than ever, with the collaboration event being the largest of its kind.

Not all networking opportunities are created equal, and that is particularly true in the cannabis space. International Cannabis Business Conference events are attended by cannabis leaders from dozens of different countries, with the Barcelona B2B trade show serving as the first major international cannabis event of its type for 2023. The conference itself will be held at the L’Auditori de CornellĂ , with the after-party being held at the Hotel Arts (Ritz-Carleton) Barcelona. You can view the event’s schedule at this link here.

The International Cannabis Business Conference also has additional upcoming events in Berlin in June 2023. Secure your tickets now before the events are sold out!


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