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Covid And Cannabis Travel This Summer

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The European Commission intends to let fully vaccinated US travelers visit the European Union this summer – book your tickets now for the International Cannabis Business Conference!

In an unbelievably good sign for the overall cannabis industry as well as our conference, we are getting further confirmation that the travel corridors will be opening across Europe this summer – including for foreign visitors and for whatever purpose.

According to the reliable website Schengen Visa Info, Ursula von der Leven has announced that all vaccinated third-country citizens will be able to enter the EU for non-essential purposes.

On May 3, the European Commission presented a proposal to its Member states to allow the gradual reopening of borders for citizens of any country who have been vaccinated by one of the medicines approved by the European Medicines Agency.

This means that vaccinated travelers from non-EU countries like the US and the UK can travel to the EU by the end of June.

How to Check Avails for The International Cannabis Business Conferences?

This announcement is undoubtedly good news – and for those still waiting for some kind of signal before signing up for the conference – a final confirmation that the International Cannabis Business Conference will again rock the house across Europe this year.

However, entry to Europe is not the only consideration. So is re-entry to your home country. Check local rules and guidelines. However, this announcement by European Authorities is a good sign that other countries will continue to reform their travel corridor guidelines as the number of infections stays relatively steady and Europe begins to roll out its own vaccine programs.

A Sense of “Getting Back to Normal”?

The reality is that the evolving European cannabis industry is no stranger to the kinds of regulations and hurdles now placed in front of just about everyone because of the Pandemic. Which cannabis can cross which borders and under what circumstances have become the watchword of the German cannabis industry for starters.

Beyond that, of course, the industry has hit various snags and delays because of the Pandemic, including licensing approvals as well as the all-important networking that has so far evolved the industry to where it is today.

While it is inevitable that the Pandemic has not run its course – and there will be future travel restrictions and other complications – this announcement by the EU means that at least this summer, the cannabis industry itself can meet, network, and forward the agenda and next steps of what is yet to come.

The industry never sleeps.

Be sure to book your tickets for the International Cannabis Business Conference in Europe this summer!