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CBD Decree In Italy Is Temporarily Suspended

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Regulating cannabidiol (CBD) products has proven to be a difficult task for most of the world, and Italy is no exception. An August decree in Italy would have classified CBD as a narcotic substance, however, this month a court in Italy temporarily suspended the change.

The suspension is reportedly in effect until October 24th. Local activists with the Sativa Hemp Association Italy had the following to say about the court decision (translated from Italian to English):

Today we celebrate an important success thanks to the unwavering commitment and constant work of the associations at the supply chain table and to the precious intervention of the ICI association which has dedicated itself to this appeal since 2020 and which we have supported by making available all the material relating to recent unjustified seizures to support the precautionary measure and therefore obtaining the immediate suspension of the decree. Together for an important victory.

Mattia Cusani, general secretary of the CSI Association confirmed this news, indicating that the suspension could undergo further developments depending on the interpretations and future applications of the decree.

A request for immediate suspension of the Ministerial Decree of 7 August 2023 was made through a precautionary application. This move was made necessary following inspections and seizures of goods in the CBD, with allegations of violation of the art. 73 of Presidential Decree 304/1990, linked to narcotic substances. The TAR accepted this request, pushing the effectiveness of the Ministerial Decree until the council chamber on 24 October 2023.

This represents just the beginning of a long struggle, but it demonstrates the importance of unity and commitment to protecting the legal cannabis industry.

Italy’s Ministry of Health is reportedly set to argue in favor of the decree when afforded the opportunity in court, and the situation is worth monitoring. To echo what local activists are saying in Italy, this is likely the start of a marathon versus the start of a sprint. Italy is not alone in that regard, and entrepreneurs will have to continue to do their best to navigate the shifting landscape.