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David Branfman’s Report From The International Cannabis Business Conference In Vancouver

International Cannabis Business Conference Bag

By David Branfman, Branfman Mayfield Bustarde Reichenthal LLP We have just returned from the International Cannabis Business Conference® in Vancouver, B.C., Canada – an action-packed one day conference with networking events at the front and back ends. All in all, the combination of a tight one-day conference with networking opportunities at the front and back

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The International Cannabis Business Conference Is Coming Back To Vancouver, B.C. September 15-16

vancouver british columbia bc canada

The International Cannabis Business Conference is bringing its unparalleled combination of cannabis industry, policy, advocacy, and networking back to beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia later this month. A VIP reception on September 15th, hosted by NextLeaf, will kick off the networking at the International Cannabis Business Conference in Vancouver, as speakers, sponsors, and attendees gather at

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Learn The Latest About B.C Cannabis Regulations At Our Event In Vancouver

vancouver british columbia canada

The cannabis industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries on the planet. It’s one of many reasons why being a cannabis entrepreneur requires conducting constant research. It only takes one misstep for a cannabis company to be out of compliance and if that happens the company risks receiving negative media coverage, losing customers,

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Is Cannabis A Constitutional Question?

gavel court trial constitution cannabis marijuana

By Marguerite Arnold As the discussion about cannabis access in Europe continues to progress, albeit slowly, based on the legislative mandates of lawmakers and regulatory policies driven by medical efficacy, there is an additional conversation afoot. Namely, is the right to access affordable medical cannabis actually something more fundamental? In two countries, Canada and Mexico,

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California’s Top Cannabis Regulator To Speak At The Upcoming International Cannabis Business Conference In Vancouver

lori ajax california international cannabis business conference

California is a pioneer when it comes to cannabis policy. It was the first state in the country to legalize cannabis for medical use when California voters approved Proposition 215 in 1996. The legalization of medical cannabis in California led to the birth of a legal industry not only in California, but it also served

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German Pharmacists Support Medical Cannabis, See Market Growth

The German cannabis patient community has grown by leaps and bounds since the program was approved a few years ago and the International Cannabis Business Conference is so pleased to have witness the growth firsthand, holding our first annual conference in Berlin just after medical legislation was approved. Despite a lot of bureaucratic red tape

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Canadian Cannabis Company to Open Retail Herb House in Jamaica

Jonas Straumann

The international cannabis industry is getting more interconnected than ever before and Canadians are still leading the way while other nation’s policies are still trying to catch up. Canada’s progressive national policies, while still needing some fine-tuning, have allowed its cannabis companies to make moves around the globe that others simply cannot make. Canadian companies

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UK MPs Expect to Legalize Cannabis Within the Next 5 to 15 Years

Three United Kingdom Members of Parliament, representing the Conservative, Labour, and Liberal Democrat parties all recently traveled to Canada on a fact-finding trip organized by the harm reduction group Volte Face and all came back proclaiming that the UK would legalize cannabis in the coming years. The three MPs had different opinions on how soon

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Thailand Jumps Into Cannabis Tourism Ring


Thailand, last year’s last minute cannabis reformer (along with Israel, on Christmas Day, as a “gift” to the Thai people), has wasted little time going where other national governments so far, have been slow  to go, if at all. As some had hoped, Pipat Ratchakitprakan, the new tourism and sports minister, plans to promote medical

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International Cannabis Business Conference Vancouver Features a Yacht After Party Headlined by DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill!

Vancouver after party

The International Cannabis Business Conference returns to beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, this September 15-16, with our trademark blend of business, politics, and culture. If you want the latest information on rules and regulations in Canada and around the world and to network with top investors, entrepreneurs, and advocates, the International Cannabis Business Conference is

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