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Cannabis Decriminalization Measure Expected To Be Introduced In Jersey

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Cannabis reform on the European continent is shaping up to look different than it does in the Western Hemisphere. In North and South America, cannabis legalization involves large-scale cannabis sales such as what is in place in Uruguay, Canada, and parts of the United States.

Cannabis is sold in pharmacies in Uruguay, and via just about every means imaginable in Canada and the United States, from brick-and-mortar storefronts to home delivery. Adult-use cannabis policies in Europe are more of a patchwork of individual exceptions, experimental pilot programs, and noncommercial cannabis clubs.

Germany, which implemented the first provisions of its adult-use measure on April 1st, will eventually incorporate most of Europe’s legalization components and serves as the best example of what legalization will likely look like in Europe in the coming years. Currently, adults in Germany can cultivate, possess, and consume cannabis. This July, noncommercial cannabis clubs are expected to launch.

Eventually, Germany will also permit regional adult-use cannabis legalization pilot programs, such as what is in place in a limited fashion in Switzerland and the Netherlands. Those various components of Germany’s legalization model combine to demonstrate the limits to legalization in Europe due to European Union agreements.

Jersey is the latest country to consider adult-use cannabis policy modernization efforts. A measure is expected to be introduced this year in Jersey that would update the country’s adult-use enforcement policies. Per IVT:

Deputy Tom Coles is drawing up a proposal that would see cannabis decriminalised for personal use on the island.

The rules around cannabis have already eased this year; repeat offenders in possession of small amounts can be sent to their parish hall to be fined rather than going through the courts.

But this latest move would mean that any personal use of small quantities would be decriminalised.

Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands between England and France, is an island nation and self-governing British Crown Dependency. Jersey’s economy currently revolves around finance center activities, with such activity accounting for nearly 40% of economic activity in Jersey and 70% of the island nation’s tax revenue.

Home to an emerging legal medical cannabis industry, according to Jersey’s Economic Development Minister medical cannabis will play a key role in the nation’s economy going forward.