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Canadian Retailers Sold A Record Amount Of Adult-Use Cannabis In June

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Canada is the undeniable international cannabis leader right now. The North American nation had a well-established cannabis industry prior to legalization, and when Canada legalized cannabis for adult-use it became only one of two countries to do so.

Uruguay is the only other country on the planet that has legalized cannabis for adult use, and unlike Canada, Uruguay does not allow non-residents to purchase cannabis.

Cannabis can be acquired through not-so-legal methods in every country on earth, but Canada is the only country where any legal-aged adult can make a legal purchase of cannabis flower and other cannabis products without any medical prescription or certification.

Canada’s adult-use law is not perfect, and the legal industry still struggles to keep up with the unregulated industry, however, that’s not to say that the legal industry isn’t getting stronger, as proven by June sales numbers from Statistics Canada.

Per sales data from Statistics Canadian, legal adult-use retailers sold over 201 million Canadian dollars worth of cannabis flower and other cannabis products in June. That is a nearly 8 percent increase over the previous monthly record which was set just in May 2020, the month prior.

Until another country legalized cannabis for adult use in a way that is as open as Canada, the country will presumably remain a top tourist destination for cannabis enthusiasts around the world, which should lead to increased sales numbers for the foreseeable future.

That is in addition to domestic customer demand continuing to shift from the unregulated market to the legal market, as well as international sales since Canada is a top global exporter of medical cannabis.