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2024 Brussels, Belgium Forum Schedule

Wednesday, 23-24 October 2024

Thursday, 24 October 2024

  • 9:45

    Brussels Conference Introduction

Alex Rogers, Executive Producer of the International Cannabis Business Conference, welcomes Global  Investment Forum attendees and provides an overview of the GIF schedule, including the Power Pitch panel and speakers that will be providing presentations with  invaluable advice and experience.

  • 10:00

    Keynote Speaker – TBA

  • 10:40

    Cannabis In The EU – What Are The Legal Obstacles?

Modernizing EU cannabis policies to achieve consistency in the market

Due to its decades-long prohibition, cannabis has a special status as an international commodity. International agreements like the Single Convention from 1961, the fundamental freedoms of the EU, the framework decision of 2004, and numerous domestic regulations are creating issues and making it impossible to achieve clear and comprehensible guidance for the emerging European cannabis industry.

Kai-Friedrich Niermann, founder of KFN+ Law Office, will discuss current conflicts between the Single Convention agreement and EU law, particularly as it applies to medical cannabis. Niermann will also examine how EU member states can safely legalize recreational cannabis within the restrictive nature of the current framework and what European cannabis industry observers can expect in the future.

  • 11:40

    What’s Happening With Cannabis Policy In Germany?

A brief overview of the latest developments with Germany’s new CanG law

German lawmakers adopted an adult-use legalization measure in February 2024, with the first provisions of the new law taking effect in April 2024. The policy change made Germany the largest nation to ever pass a national adult-use legalization measure. Internationally acclaimed German cannabis lawyer Kai-Friedrich Niermann will provide an overview of the major changes and the potential consequences of Germany’s new CanG law and will shed light on the question of whether there will be another German ‘green rush’ similar to what occurred in 2017 and 2018.

  • 12:20


  • 13:30

    Bridging The Gap Between Public And Private Sectors

Increasing collaboration between public and private sector entities

The public and private sectors both play vital roles in moving the emerging legal cannabis industry forward. For the emerging cannabis industry to reach its full potential and for humans to maximize the industry’s benefits for society, public and private entities in health, agriculture, industry, and sustainability must collaborate effectively, especially on larger projects. A team of panelists will discuss the needs, benefits, and strategies of forming public-private partnerships to boost societal outcomes.

  • 14:45

    Emerging Opportunities In Europe’s Bio-Tech And Pharmaceutical Industries

Creating modern medical cannabis products for evolving patient demands

Demand for cannabinoid-based therapeutics is greater now than ever before, and with more countries modernizing their cannabis policies to permit the research, development, and application of such products, the future is very bright for the cannabinoid biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. This panel is dedicated to examining the emerging opportunities within the cannabinoid-based biotechnology and  pharmaceutical sectors.

  • 15:30

    Meeting The Challenge Of The Next Generation

The role of cannabis in the green energy infrastructure
As the world continues to pursue sustainability strategies the cannabis plant, particularly hemp, will play a key role in renewable and sustainability efforts. Scientists and engineers are working to unlock the renewable benefits of cannabis and hemp, with hemp being used to make batteries, insulation, biofuel, and many other things that are useful for humans. Hemp plants work particularly well when incorporated into environmental bioremediation projects. A team of experts will examine how cannabis and hemp are being incorporated into renewable energy projects.
  • 16:00

    Cannabis in the EU

Driving Leadership and Global Reform
This session will compare and contrast the EU approach to cannabis reform to the U.S. and Canadian approaches. It will also highlight opportunities in employment, business and economic growth.
  • 16:30