International Cannabis Business Conference

Monday, 1 April

9:00am Keynote- Dr Raphael Mechoulam

The International Cannabis Business Conference is humbled and honored to have Israeli scientist Dr. Raphael Mechoulam deliver our keynote address. By discovering Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of the 113 known cannabinoids contained in the cannabis plant, Dr. Mechoulam jumpstarted the medical revolution that has transformed the debate around cannabis and the lives of so many people. There are great researchers doing tremendous work today unlocking the benefits of cannabis, and they all stand on the shoulders of Dr. Mechoulam. The world-renowned researcher will discuss his past, present, and future unleashing the secrets of the cannabis plant with a must-see presentation by the Godfather of Cannabis Research.

10:00am The Present and Future of the German Medical Cannabis Market

This conversation will portray the development of the medical cannabis market in Germany since March 2017 in an exceptionally innovative regulatory environment that allows for cannabis to be prescribed no-label (not restricted to a list of indications) and obligates public health insurances to cover the costs. We will discuss the status quo of the situation for doctors, patients, pharmacists and the industry which serves these stake holders and will talk about the current developments in a market where the number of patients jumped from 1.000 to an estimated 40.000 in less than two years.

Which lessons can we learn from the more mature Canadian medical market? How will cannabis extracts entering Germany affect the market? What is new in cannabis science and how will new scientific evidence in the near future further convince German doctors to prescribe cannabis for a wide range of indications?

11:00am Cannabis Production in Germany

The tender for the cultivation of medicinal cannabis in Germany ended on 11/20/2018. The German Cannabis Agency will soon announce the companies entitled to grow cannabis. This panel will discuss the first companies that get to brand their cannabis as “Made in Germany” and the ins and outs of domestic production currently and in the future.

11:30 Talking About Imports

Since the implementation of Germany’s medical law, patients have repeatedly reported supply bottlenecks. Until at least 2020, Germany is 100% dependent on imports. Until then, the steadily growing number of patients will mainly be supplied with imports from Canada and the Netherlands. But how do the recurring supply bottlenecks come about? How much cannabis is currently imported into Germany? How can local companies and patients best navigate the supply problems? Are there any differences in production and distribution? Who sets the quotas? That and more is the content of the panel.

12:15 International Cannabis Markets

Italy, the Netherlands, Israel, Denmark, Switzerland, Canada, and several other countries have implemented national medical cannabis programs over the years. Some programs only refer to ready-made medicines, others include herbal pharmaceuticals. Some countries export, some only import, and others only supply domestic patients. This panel gives an overview of the various domestic regulations, what different models can learn from one another, and the possibilities for international trade.

13:00 Reimbursement in Germany

So far Germany and the Netherlands are the only countries worldwide where medical cannabis can be reimbursed by the health insurance companies. While in the Netherlands only a very few cannabis patients have their medicine reimbursed, in Germany more than 60% of the applications for reimbursement are greenlighted. The numbers are just coming in, but we can expect that more patients will be getting reimbursed for their cannabis as the medicine becomes mainstream. This panel will delve into the current reimbursement model, provide a glimpse into the future, and whether such a model can be exported to other nations

BREAK 13:30 -15:00

15:00 Mainstreaming of CBD

As CBD continues to take the world by storm, a number of enterprising companies are working to meet the rapidly increasing demand. Whether it’s derived from cannabis or hemp, full spectrum or isolates, the form factors, formulations, product innovations, market trends, and consumer preferences are evolving at lightning speed. How are entrepreneurs adapting to this rapid pace while dealing with challenges such as the complex and ever-changing global regulatory environments, competition from Big Pharma, and their own ability to scale? This panel of experts will discuss the many challenges, opportunities and trends in CBD consumption ranging from nano-emulsions to CBD-rich hemp pre-rolled joints now gaining traction as a tobacco alternative for smoking cessation.

15:45 Lobbying for Cannabis

Medical cannabis is just the tip of an iceberg that is slowly becoming visible around the world. Political change needs a lobby and a new industry even more so. The United States and Canada have shown how the once stigmatized plant has received a powerful economic and political lobby within the last few years, a political situation that seemed rather unthinkable so soon a decade or so ago. This panel will discuss tips of the trade to ensure that medical cannabis, and the greater legalization for all adults, get the proper representation with elected officials.

16:30 Top Tech Revolutionizing the Industry

Cannabis Industry Tech is booming in the EU. In fact, this region is already challenging Israel if not Silicon Valley, with a bright future ahead. From vapetech to cleantech, cannabis and compliant technology are merging faster and faster to drive innovation across the industry. From plant production to medical research and even prescriptions themselves, the cannabis industry is becoming more defined and driven by technology used by companies and consumers. Cannabis-related and applicable technologies are also being broadly nurtured by many different kinds of accelerators and incubators. Join a distinguished panel of experts from both big companies and start-ups to understand the current players, opportunities and challenges across the continent….and beyond.

17:15 The Plant Genome: How Genetics Can Shape the Cannabis Industry

It all starts with the plant! Despite cannabis markets opening up all over the world, no system has accurately taken into account the role of genetics. From possible patents and securing intellectual property, to the development of specific-effect strains, to the protection of biodiversity, to impacts of outdoor growing, particularly of THC-limited strains, our panel delves into the current situation, what’s at stake, and the role genetics will have in shaping the future of the cannabis industry.

Tuesday, 2 April

10:00 Investment and Capital Markets

Stoked by the rapid growth of legal markets, investment in compelling cannabis companies has grown increasingly competitive with the convergence of private equity and public markets capital. Never has it been more crucial for companies to understand the Investment environment and associated factors, such as reporting requirements, and strategic synergies that can impact a company’s operations and growth trajectory. Our panel of leading private and public fund CEOs will provide an updated investor landscape and delve beyond simple dollar amounts in assessing the impact of taking in capital via different investment vehicles.

11:00 International Investing

The international cannabis market is full of high-risk investment opportunities, both public and private. Businesses across the space are faced with a host of issues including product contamination and efficacy issues, international commerce import/export regulation liabilities, political and regulatory volatility, operational compliance issues, and unqualified operators. In this session, Nic Easley, CEO of 3C Consulting, LLC™& Managing Director of Multiverse Capital, walks you through public and private international cannabis investment strategies and shows you how to thoroughly vet opportunities while reducing risk. Attendees will gain keen, actionable insight into global cannabis markets.

11:45 Media & Marketing: Mainstreaming Cannabis Content and Experiences

The days of counter culture stoner content and experiences are being supplanted with modern voices and sophisticated opportunities that help consumers discover cannabis brands that matter to them. Hear from industry leaders in cannabis, media and events and learn how they’re shaping elevated experiences for today’s mainstream consumer.

BREAK 12:30 -14:00

15:00 Biotech Today and What the Future Holds

Cannabinoid biotech research and innovation are now set free after decades of lagging political reform regarding the cannabis plant. At the stem cell level, cannabinoid-based medication has the potential to cure devastating diseases and chronic conditions. Meet the entrepreneurs and innovators leading the way.

15:45 International Leaders in Medical Science

For thousands of years, cannabis has been used as medicine, from Chinese emperors to the nomadic Scythians, who are believed to have first introduced the plant to the West. Yet for the last hundred years, medical use of the drug has been fraught with political peril. Reform globally in the last five years has now turned the tables again. Meet the leaders in the brave new world of cannabinoid medical science that are leading groundbreaking research in countries all over the world.

16:30 Cannabis Extracts: Potent and Growing in Popularity

While cannabis flower will always remain popular, there is a growing demand for cannabis extracts (and concentrates). These new products are often extremely potent with high levels of THC, but don’t necessarily need to be, as they can be designed to fit the needs of patients and consumers. This panel will discuss the current state of the extracts market, various extraction techniques, and what the future holds for this growing sector of the market.