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Argentinian Cannabis Veterinarians Surveyed About Phytocannabinoid Use

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When most people think about cannabis consumption, they tend to think of humans, and rightfully so. After all, humans have a very long history with the cannabis plant. However, humans are not the only creatures on Earth that have endocannabinoid systems.

Two creatures that possess endocannabinoid systems are cats and dogs. Feasibly, just as phytocannabinoids can provide wellness benefits to humans, so too can they do the same for cats and dogs. That theory was at the heart of a recent study in Argentina.

Cannabis research parameters were expanded in Argentina in recent years via “laws 27350 and 27669” as the researchers point out, and that “animals respond to preparations containing phytocannabinoids for treating several conditions.”

“We conducted a web-based survey of Argentinian Cannabis Veterinarians to make a situational diagnosis on the number of veterinary medicine professionals currently developing treatments with cannabinoids focusing on dogs and cats.” the researchers stated about their methodology in the study.

It is estimated that there are as many as 900 million dogs globally, with more than 471 million of them being pets. Germany alone has an estimated 10.3 million pet dogs. It is also estimated that the world has between 600 million and 1 billion cats.

“Among the species treated, 77% corresponded to dogs, while 21% were cats. Pain, seizures, and behavior disorders are the most prevalent conditions in dogs. Seven conditions and combinations were treated in cats. Full-spectrum cannabis extract derived from three different chemotypes was administered alone or with standard medication.” the researchers in Argentina stated regarding the results of their recent study.

“Response to cannabis treatment was characterized based on improvement categorized according to clinical assessment. Both dogs and cats showed different improvement grades in clinical signs.” they also stated.

“This analysis provides promising results regarding the medicinal use of cannabis in dogs and cats. Based on this analysis, we propose to expand the training of professionals, obtain quality preparations, and initiate controlled trials to reinforce knowledge of the use of cannabinoids in veterinary medicine.” the researchers concluded.

Cannabis and animal science is an emerging field of study. With many historical restrictions to research being lifted in various parts of the world, interest and focus on this area will likely increase. The global pet industry is projected to be worth $500 billion by 2030.